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Sunday, January 21, 2018

San Diego--Dog Tags

June 1944

Lt. (j.g.)Gilbert Steingart had a tetanus shot. The information on his dog tags:

name--Gilbert Steingart
service number--327933
T for tetanus and date--Inoculated in June 1944
blood type--B
branch of service--United States Navy Reserve

Dog Tags

Saturday, January 20, 2018

San Diego--No Gossip

Wednesday 5 April 1944, 1730
Dear Eleanor,
     Another day is over--another day closer to Saturday night, then Sunday, and then we'll all be together again.
     Went downtown with Gilman last night. Had a couple of drinks and turned in at 10:30 P.M. At noon today I bought a couple of emblems and a box of NestlĂ©'s chocolate. After posting this letter I'm going to play volleyball till it gets dark and then over to B.O.Q. for a little bull session and so to bed.
     Glad to hear that you've got everything straightened out. I'm going to have to get a plumber over Friday afternoon to connect the gas range.
     Nothing new happening here, so no gossip to spill. I said I was going to play ball, but I was wrong. I must go and place my call to you. God alone knows when I'll get through.

Love and kisses to all my girls.
Your daily lover to be,
P.S.  Got a card from Ruth today.
Identification bracelets in sterling silver are $10.40. Priced same downtown last night at $18.50. Do you think Deb really wanted to go that high for a gift for Dave?

Friday, January 19, 2018

San Diego--Shipping

Wednesday 5 April 1944, 1145 o'clock
My Dearest,
    Here I am back at the old grind and I mean grind. I'll sure be glad when those 5 or 6 new officers arrive.  Although they may send out one or two that are already here, this addition will lighten the load considerably.
    As I told you over the phone, the Naval Supply Depot at San Pedro will call you relative to shipping our effects.  Arrange to have the stuff delivered Friday afternoon after 2:00 or 3:00 P.M.
    Last night I went to the U.S.O. they really put on a real show.  One girl in particular imitated Gracie Fields, Shirley Temple (as a child) and "frozen faced" Margaret O'Brien to a "T."
    Guess I'll take a rain check on tonight's show, "Stage Door Canteen."  Have no plans for this evening.  Tomorrow noon I'll run down and look the apartment over and then phone you in the evening.
    Gilman is coming alright so get four tickets for Saturday night.  After the show he's on his own.
    Hope Norma's leaky nose is better by now.  I wish I could get the kids something for Easter.  Maybe I'll find time Friday afternoon to do some shopping.
    It's 12:00 and time for a game of volleyball. Adios, My Sweet.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

San Diego--Gas and Light

Tuesday 4 April 1944, 1800 o'clock
Hello My Sweet,
     One day closer to our new life in San Diego.  This business has got me to the point of becoming absent minded.  I almost forgot to write.
     Went down at noon today and arranged for the gas and light.  I'll have to leave the keys with one of the neighbors because there is no way of telling what time of the day the utility man will be down.
     Saw "Cover Girl" with Rita Hayworth last night and really enjoyed it.  Lots of good singing and dancing routines.  No plans for tonight though we are thinking tentatively of having dinner out.
     How about the house rental?  Anything happen?  I hope you don't have to turn it over to an agent.  It's too much money to give away.  Guess we'll have to do the best we can.
     My corpsman gave me a one way ticket from San Diego to San Francisco.  I'll use it to come home on if no ride turns up.  Nothing has.  You'd better not expect me on Saturday 'til rather late.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

San Diego--Keys

Monday 3 April 1944 19:30
Dear Eleanor,
    Began a game of volleyball after dinner at 5:30 and been playing up to now.
    Went down at noon and paid the rent, got the keys and now I really feel like we have a place down here.  The trip down last night was quite easy.  I may have to take the train down on Saturday.  Nobody seems to be driving down.  However I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled.
    Will arrange for utilities tomorrow and then patiently wait for the weekend.
    Tonight I'm going to the 8 o'clock movie--"Cover Girl." I hope it's good.
    Can hardly wait until we're moved and settled.  Give my girls a big kiss and have one yourself. Impatiently.
Your loving hubby,

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

San Diego--The Flat

Thursday 30 March 1944, 1900 o'clock
    Here I am. Been waiting almost an hour for the call to you to come through.  I'm sure I won't have to wait much longer now.
    At noon today I went down and saw the flat and was pleasantly surprised.  It really will look nice with a few decent sticks stuck around.  The living room is quite large about 12x18.  The kitchen is small but there is room for a refrigerator and stove such as we have at home.  However, I do think we ought to buy one of those four burners just half the size of the one we have now.  I saw one in Sears for $69.50. All the rooms have ceiling lights except the living room so you needn't worry about the light problem. Tomorrow I'll go back to the Supply Depot and find out about storage.
    I really wasn't very excited about this change but now that I've seen the place and its possibility and the prospect of having you and kiddies here with me all together again, I can hardly wait.
    I'm writing in B.O.Q. and Gilman is here to annoy me.
    Forgot to find out what's at the movie, guess I'll walk down and take in the second show if I haven't already seen it.
    I won't seal this letter until after I've talked to you which should be any minute. Until tomorrow.

Linda recalls that the flat had a stove something like this

Monday, January 15, 2018

San Diego--Scuttlebutt

Wednesday 29 March 1944, 1815 o'clock
Hello Honey,
     Just finished a hot game of volleyball and now I'm going back to the B.O.Q. for a quiet evening in.
     Nothing much to say since I wrote but a few hours ago. Rumor still has it that six officers are due to arrive and the Exec thinks we may go on a double shift.  We hope that is true for it will give a fellow enough time during the day to attend to personal matters off the base.  Another rumor is that our whole department is going to move over to Camp Elliot. As far as we're concerned that wouldn't make any difference. However all this is "scuttlebutt" so we'll just have to wait and see.
     Love to my girls and a big XX to you.
Your lover,

Insignia from Gil's Officer's Hat