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Sunday, December 10, 2017

San Diego--Navy Way

Friday 18 February 1944
16:20 O'clock
My Dearest,
     What a day! Saw three patients. One this morning and two this afternoon.  Wasn't able to chase down regarding an apartment this noon as I had planned.  My corpsman was sent to San Francisco for a week course in Gas School and with Captain's Inspection this afternoon I had to spend part of my noon hour seeing that everything was spic and span. The Captain didn't come through until 4:00 P.M. I had to stall with my last patient for more than an hour so that I would be busy when he came through. That is the "Navy way" of doing things.  I did attend to my life insurance today.
     I believe I forgot to mention it in my last letter, but the night that the fellows went downtown for a couple of drinks I ran into Harold Jiler and Maurry Green. They were not together but we all three ran into each other simultaneously. What a coincidence.
     Received three letters from you today, so I guess that your Tuesday letter was delayed somewhere along the line. It was postmarked 15th and the other two were the 17th and they all came together.
     I hope you are out of the "red" and feeling in the "pink" because we have an important date for Saturday night.  So until then my Sweet

Saturday, December 9, 2017

San Diego-Working Hard

Thursday 17 February 1944, 1615
     Hello my Sweet this is me again. Nothing new, nothing exciting.  Couldn't go to the movie last night; I had already seen it. Tonight they are showing "Jane Eyre" so again I won't go. Some fun!
    Went down and placed the ads at noon. Who knows?  Maybe by Monday I'll have some good news.
     We are still working pretty hard here. A new man is expected within a week.  He is a full Lieutenant, so he should be able to ease up the load considerably.  No letter from you today.  Guess I'll get one tomorrow.
     How are you feeling now, any better? I hope your Mother has completely recovered.
     It sure will be nice when we are down here all together.  With nicer weather coming on and longer days we'll have lots of fun together.
     'Til tomorrow night when I'll give you my love personally.
Your husband,


Friday, December 8, 2017

San Diego--Ears Set Out

Thursday 17 February 1944
Dearest Wife,
     It's 3:15 and no more patients--ain't that too bad.  A new man reported in Monday, so a few of us got together and went into town for a couple of drinks last night.
     This morning this place was like a morgue so I went to the barber shop and had my "ears set out."  It poured from 10:30 to 11:30 and then cleared off, so we were able to play some volley ball at noon as usual.
     Got a letter from Ethel L. and Debby.  Nothing important from Debby, just that they had a way home but would ride back with me Sunday.  Ethel is upset because "Doc" was reclassified 1A, but such is life.
     Only received one letter from you this week.  You must be slipping or maybe you're pretty busy, but I'll forgive you.  Am going to phone you tonight, so adios my Sweet, with kisses to Linda and Norma.
The best diddle you ever had,


Thursday, December 7, 2017


Wednesday 16 February 1944
My Dearest Eleanor,
     Another busy day.  Guess they weren't kidding when they said the loafing was only temporary, but who cares.  I would rather keep busy than sit on my fanny all day.
     After the movie last night I returned to B.O.Q. and wrote six letters--the Fleischers, Collons, Goldie M., Frances and Jack, Ruth and Harry and the Aranoffs.
     At noon today the doctors got together and played volleyball.  We're going to do the same every noon.  We had a lot of fun and exercise but we sure looked soft.
     Dr. Tyler, who has been here for six months, got his orders for fleet marine duty.  This is considered the most rugged outfit there is.  The dentist trains right along with the marines and goes on all hikes under full pack.  In combat he goes over with the second wave.  All of this has made him very happy as you can well understand.  Now all the men who have been here for six months or more are expecting orders any day.
     Don't let this worry you.  I still will be here for at least six months and it can be a year or more before anything happens.
     You should be through riding the red pony by Saturday night and then we'll have a little serious business to take care of.  So until Saturday night keep those panties on and it'll be my pleasure to take them off.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

San Diego--Tight and Conservative

Tuesday 15 February 1944
Dear Eleanor,
     This has been a very busy day.  Worked steadily from eight this morning until four.  Went to class from four until five, then chow and now this letter.
     Went to the B'nai B'rith meeting last night. Was I disgusted! The Santa Monica lodge really has something to be proud of.  These fellows are as tight as they make them and just as conservative.   They give fifteen cents apiece to war service and think they're doing their part.  I was going to make a few remarks but I kept quiet when I saw what the situation was.  You were certainly right when you said that I would get a cool reception.  They were friendly alright but when housing was mentioned they all clammed up as if I was asking for a donation.
     I am going to see the "Fighting Seabees" tonight and then to bed after a little work on my course.
     How is everything with you?  I haven't received any letter as yet.  Hope nothing is wrong.  Will make a point of investigating those three bedroom flats this week and when you come down next week I am sure everything will be settled.
     We got a new dental officer today and they made room here by sending one of the other doctors to the auxiliary clinic. Nothing else to gab about.  I am looking forward to a swell weekend.
Your love,

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

San Diego--Swell Time

Not a word mentioned about Valentine's Day.

Monday 14 February, 1944 1515 o'clock
Dearest Eleanor,
     Had a very uneventful trip back to the base.  Made swell time--three hours and fifteen minutes.  When I got into my room it was colder than he-- so I turned on the heater.  In ten minutes everything was nice and cozy.
     The doctors made quite a dent in the box of cake and fruit this noon.  I now have two special requests for those candies that Linda gave me.  If you can buy some more for next weekend please do so.
     At noon today one of the cooks brought in some nice thick fillet steak sandwiches--mm.  Then we all went over to do some pistol shooting.
     This has been a typical Monday.  Busy all day long.  I really could find a patient if I looked hard but I just feel a little lazy so I'm writing this letter instead.
     I have a class at 4:00 P.M. and chow at 5:00.  Then back to the barracks for a little freshening up and the B'nai B'rith meeting tonight.
     How are you feeling today?  Is everything alright? I hope now you have nothing to occupy your mind except our plans for moving.
     Kiss Linda and Norma and a big hug for you.  (I just had another visitor for more of your candies).  Don't forget our date (in bed) on next Saturday night.

The Pistol?

Monday, December 4, 2017

San Diego--Pistol

Friday February 11 1944
Dear  Eleanor,
     Went down to see the apartment. The neighborhood was not as desirable as some of the other units that these builders have, but as far as they know now there probably won't be anything else available until April.  This place was an upper and I can't see much sense in taking it with two kiddies.  However I didn't say anything definite but will let them know Monday after I've talked it over with you.
     I asked about a larger place and he suggested the three bedroom units being built by another outfit in Crown Point, twelve minutes by streetcar to downtown Diego.  I'll look into it tomorrow noon if possible.  If we could rent a three bedroom place I wouldn't want to buy anything. After I got back from the apartment "hunt" I went over to the pistol range and took some instruction in firing the gun.  Didn't do badly.  Out of 17 shots I got seven in the bull's eye.  I should be a fair shot with a little practice. 
     God, this has been a long week.  Last night I went into town and made a hotel reservation for the twenty-forth at the Grant.  No trouble at all. 
     Wish this was Saturday so I could be leaving in the morning.  Guess I can hold out another day.  How are the kiddies?  This is the second day this week that I didn't get any mail from you.  By the way I got the wire yesterday (Thursday) morning at 9:30.  I guess there is no use wiring ever unless it can be delivered before 5:00 P.M.
     This is all till I get home Sunday. Love and kisses and a great big hug.
Your impatient hubby,

Was this the kind of pistol Gil used?