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Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 4 October 1944 9:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Had liberty today, but didn't do much. As a matter of fact, I stayed aboard for lunch and it was past one before Ambie and I finally shoved off. We stopped at a music store and bought a book of songs. Then we stopped for a couple of beers and sat around in a hotel court just relaxing. Caught a bus and got back in time for dinner. After dinner, I broke out the song book, Ambie got the accordion and several of the officers joined us. We sang and played until movie time. The movie was "Atlantic City" with Constance Moore, Jerry Colona and a lot of old timers. The picture had much entertainment value but for some reason didn't click. I personally believe the continuity was lousy.
     After the picture, I went to my present quarters and found a letter from you. You sound quite busy but the tone of the letter shows that you have more or less gotten over that "Tante" deal. I hope you'll have better luck with help next time.
     I finished reading Louis Bromfield's "The Green Bay Tree." It is really a woman's book but it was laying around so I picked it up and before I knew it, I was so far into it that I decided to finish it. I expect to do a lot more reading once we get underway.
     Well Sweetheart, I'm going to end this letter short for now and will finish in the morning. I love you darling and I'll be so proud of my wife and girls when I get back. Good night, hone. Will be with you again in the morning.

Thursday 5 October 1944, 8:30 AM
     Good morning, Sweetheart. Nothing new since last night. I haven't seen the morning mail, and I'm in somewhat of a hurry. I ordered some recreational gear, and I'll have a jeep available in a few moments to go to pick the stuff up. I still have to shave, so I must close quickly to be sure this goes off in the next batch of mail.
     I've ordered dolls for Norma and Linda and they should receive them for Xmas. I've been looking for a silver charm bracelet, but they all seem to have local items in miniature on them, so those are out. I'll continue looking something may turn up.
     Honey, do you remember how surprised you were when you got your silver fox neckpiece? Well darling, there are many surprises in store for you, but you'll have to be patient until they come.
     I'll sign off and dash now.
Loving you always

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Shrimp and Chocolate Pie

Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
 USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 3 October 1944, 10:30 PM
My Darling,
     How is everything today? I didn't receive any letters today but I did get those photos of you. I still can't make my mind up as to which one I like the best. First I like one and then there is something I like in the other. I'll play favorites, one day one and the next the other.
     This has been a routine day. A little dentistry, a number of routine reports and the regular duties to perform. Been trying to cut down on my food intake but at every meal there is something else I like. For example for lunch today fried shrimp and for dessert chocolate cream pie. So it goes. We had a swell movie tonight, "Mr. Skeffington" and it was every bit as good as you said it was. After the picture I looked in at sick bay. One of the officers turned in with a broken finger that he got playing golf. It seems he didn't get out of the way of a ball.
     Well Sweet, are you still teaching or did you have to drop it because of no one to stay with our girls? I do hope that the incident didn't upset you too much and that you'll proceed to forget all about it. I'm certain that from your letter you were not happy with that woman or the arrangement and that a change was inevitable. As far as Mary is concerned I would proceed to forget it. She is just another woman with some idle gossip. She is still a friend of yours. I sincerely believe that
     Is Linda's behavior improving any? I'm sure that as soon as you settle down she will too. Please Honey don't fly off the handle and yell at her. She is a good child and such action just upsets you more and makes her more ornery.
     How is Norma taking all of this? The poor darling is probably a little young to fathom it all and must be quite bewildered.
     Please, sweetheart, write me and assure me that everything is under control. I won't be hearing regularly from you nor you from me for many more days. It will be weeks and maybe a couple of months before you hear again. So while I still can hear regularly, I must know that all is well and under control. It is past eleven and I 'm going to turn in. I won't send this letter off until I've seen the morning mail tomorrow. Good night my Sweet and pleasant dreams. I love you.

Your Gil

Wednesday 4 October 1944, 9:00 AM
     Good morning, honey. Now that the morning mail is here and I know that you've gotten over you last aggravation I feel much better. What you went through really upset me.
     I'll try and answer your question and then I must get this letter off. I don't know how long I'll be out. I might be for a whole year and then again it could only be 3-4 months. We'll just hope for the best. Miss Rike is just what you think she is and would be very pleased to hear from you. She is quite nice as is her mother and they have made Ambie and me feel quite at home each time that we've dropped in.
     Sounds like you have the house looking very nice. Wish I could be there to push the piano and sofa around for you but I'll just postpone that to a later date.
     I do wish you would try to get out Sweet. You must do it if you expect to have friends. No one is going to come looking for you and drag you out.
     Darling do you remember how I'd come home from the office and want us to go out every night right after dinner? Well dear, after the war just to be home with you will be all I'll want. I close dear with oodles of hugs and twice as many kisses.

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Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
 USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
2 October 1944, 10:10 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Just returned from liberty and was very happy to find letters waiting. Three from you and one from Ruth. I should say I was happy until I read the mail, and now I'm very upset. It seems that you've just let go entirely and your actions are even causing a change in Linda's behavior. Now look Dear, there is nothing that either you or I can do to hasten my homecoming, but there is plenty you can and must do until I do return. No one can help you but yourself. You must take hold of yourself and make the best of a very unhappy situation. There are several million men overseas and many of the have wives and children at home. They have adjusted themselves to this temporary change and you must also. Further, don't be too sensitive. Remember your present state probably provokes unfavorable words and acts even from the best of our friends and you are the only one who can correct that. So much for the lecture I hope I won't need to say anything again.
     Now for the quiz program. Remember any question I ignore can't be answered because of censorship. Can't say anything about the ship so please don't ask any more. My sea duty figures from the date I reported aboard and regardless whether we're at sea or port, the time still counts as sea duty. However be assured that we'll be just as safe when we go on as we were up to now. My sea pay amounts to $18 a month extra. I may not get any promotion until February or March and the increase will only amount to $50. However we have sufficient reserve to tide us over for some time so please don't worry. The only clothes I wear are greys and I can get what I need aboard ship. Yes dear I still sleep raw. My hair is no thinner or greyer and when you get my photo you will see for yourself. Some of your other questions are answered in some my recent letters so I'll pass them bye.
     Now about what I did today. Stayed aboard until after lunch and then Ambie and I went on liberty. I picked up my photos and as I was walking down the hall I bumped into a

I went to dental school. Although we hadn't seen each other for over twelve years we recognized each other instantaneously and he invited me into his office for a visit. He poured Ambie and me drinks. The first scotch since my first liberty here. He was very cordial and if chance permits I'll see him again. Then we went over to the club I've written about and had a couple of drinks and dinner. By that time it was 7:30 and of all things, we decided to go roller skating. Well roller skate we did and for a solid hour. I only flopped once and my 170 some odd pounds didn't seem to hurt the floor a bit. Then we returned, tired, a little stiff, but at least in a happy state of mind that is until I read my mail.
     That is all darling please, please take things in hand. I do want to help but I can't so you must do it yourself. I love you sweetheart and pray that soon I'll be able to relieve you of your worries.
Your devoted husband

Probably the Photo

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Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
 U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
1 October 1944, 10:15 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Hello darling, here I am again. This has been just another day aboard. Saw four patients this AM and spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon making up some routine reports due the first of the month. Showered about 4:30 and then went topside to relax. Played a game called "football." It was quite interesting. A board is marked off like a field and a 52 card deck is used for determining the plays. After you decide whether you wish to pass, run, or kick you turn up the next card in the deck and then look on a chart which gives you the result of the play. For example: I chose to pass and turned up the 3 of diamonds. Under pass, the 3 diamonds shows a gain of 6 yards. Catch on? Really is quite amusing.
     I've ordered additional recreational material for the crew and will pick it up in the morning. By the way we had a very good movie aboard today, "She Loved a Soldier" with Paulette Goddard. It is quite cool and comfortable sitting on the fo'castle, and I must say I am enjoying our movies much more since they are being shown topside.
     How are you getting along with Tante and Dolores? It doesn't sound to be working out as well as you had hoped. Really, as long as they don't promise to be permanent, I'd keep looking. You recall, when Edna came to us the situation was no better than it is now. You never can tell who will turn up. Anyway it still is your home, not theirs and such things as parties for Dolores seem to be expecting a little too much. However, you're the boss and you'll have to make the final decision.
     How are Linda's feet these days? Is she back at dancing school? What about Norma? What does she do to pass the time away? Besides yours, I wrote five letters last night. Soon I'll be all caught up. Nothing more for now. I'll finish in the morning after mail call. Good night Sweet, pleasant dreams. I love you.

Monday 2 October 1944, 9:30 AM
     Good morning, darling, hope you slept well. Read until after midnight last night and slept soundly until I was awakened for breakfast this AM. Nothing new to tell about this morning. The mail didn't bring anything but a New Year greeting from Temple Beth Shalom on a Uniongram form signed by Nan Goldman. Am I surprised! Guess I'll have to acknowledge it.
     Sweet, do you remember the night we spent up at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood? After this war we'll go to other winter resorts and enjoy the snow. Boy, wouldn't I like some now. Have work to do now dear, so till tonight so long.

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Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Saturday 30 September 1944, 9:30 PM
Dearest Sweetheart,
     What a busy day! Saw a couple of patients in the morning and then chased down to the Welfare and Recreation Office on the base. When I came back I found a couple of letters from you and one from Libby. I no sooner got started reading and Jim arrived and so I postponed that pleasure and showed him around the ship. He really was surprised at the size and facilities of the Ocelot.
     Jim had lunch aboard with me and we had an amusing incident. The Mess Caterer is an elective job that no one wants particularly. The Captain announced ahead of time that I was to be the next caterer. However all the officers got together and voted for another officer who wasn't expecting any such duty and boom he is now Mess Caterer. The Captain was a little provoked but couldn't do much about it. However he did dig up something else for me to do, Mess treasurer. That is that.
     Jim came over in a jeep. So after lunch, Hansen joined us and we all drove over to a


and I ran into Alvin Klein. We had a little chat and plan to get together later. We then returned to the base and Ambie who used to be a 

main took us through a large
You can't possibly imagine how compactly built a
is. Every inch of space is taken care of and really was an interesting experience. Then we returned to the ship and Jim had to shove off. We still had an hour before dinner so we walked over to the Officers Club and had a drink or two. They have scads of slot machines and having three quarters in my pockets I took a shot at it. Got $4 out, put $1.50 back so I'm $2.50 ahead. Then we returned to the ship for dinner. I found another letter and the money order waiting for me.
     After dinner we sat on deck and listened to a recorded radio program until movie time. Tonight we had "Crime at Night" and it was enjoyment, a murder mystery with a lot of humor. And so here I am.
     Now for the "Eversharp program." Keep my driver's license. I won't need one until I get back. I can't tell how soon I'll be back, anything can happen. Dinner out runs from $1.50 to $3.00. Most places just serve a la carte! Haven't eaten any tropical fish, but have tasted papaya. I didn't like it in the states and still think it's too sweet. When I go on liberty I usually don't get back until past 7:45 when the movie goes on. That's why I miss the movie rather frequently on liberty days. I've got you a locket, bracelet and earrings to match but they aren't of the charm variety. Keep you panties on till they get there. You have the San Diego deposit book. Look in my records file. Whew! Do I get the $64?
     I still think you should go to meetings and to h... with what people say. I'm not worried about it so why should you care. I'll write Ethel and Doc and the Vaneteks as soon as I close here. Good night, darling, my Sweet. I love you. I do!
Sunday 1 October 1944, 10:00 AM
     Good morning, darling. Sleep well? Sunday is just another day in the Navy. Just injected my third patient and while I'm waiting for the shot to take effect I'll finish off here. Nothing new since last night. Have several first of the month reports to make and also a survey of the oral condition of the whole crew and expect to be through by tonight. Sounds like I'm optimistic but I think I can do it!
     Do you remember when we would go out for breakfast on Sunday morning just for a change? Well sweetheart, after the war we'll always have breakfast together and wherever you wish.
     Now for our daily quiz program. Your
After the war wherever we go our girls go and that includes Chicago. Frequently a couple of days will go by with no mail and then bingo! The jack-pot! Five or six all at one time. Sweet I don't care whether you write or type. Just hearing from you and knowing all is well is all I ask for. Bye darling. I'm getting to be just like Jim except he has been away 18 months instead of the 9 weeks. I'm a man with
Figure it out for yourself.

Jeep Ride

Gil and Jim Frug

Another of Gil and Jim

Gil and Ambie (Hansen)

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Fruit Salad Pin

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
29 September 1944, 10:10 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Another day closer to when we'll be together again. A very uneventful day.
     Had my usual juice and coffee for breakfast. Then worked for about two hours. I've arranged another beach party for the crew and that took up the rest of the morning.
     Also, Jim called this morning. He is driving over to have lunch aboard with me tomorrow. After lunch I had a little more work and then mail to read. A card from my mother, a couple of letters from you and the September Journal of the Southern California State Dental Association. After I finished reading, I had my hair cut, showered and got ready for dinner. Then I sat around on the fo'castle listening to some more recordings of radio programs made for broadcast overseas. The records play for half an hour and are just as good as the original program. Then movies, "The Merry Monahans," with Donald O'Connor, Peggy Ryan and Jack Okie. Very good entertainment--see it when you can. After the movie we visited for awhile on deck and then--here I am.
     You mention Mike's visit. I dropped him a line about 10 days ago. Maybe that helped. Anyway I'm glad you're able to get along and don't have to walk or ride buses. Anything that is lost in moving should be claimed for. Notify Al and let him worry about it. That is why we pay those premiums. Make a claim for the movies and glasses along with the rest. By the way did you ever get that last roll of movie film back?
     I am drawing $118 a month. When I'm at sea, $35-40 will be all I'll need. However situated the way I have been here, money just goes. Been having liberty every other day and a drink here, a cab there, and meals beside and--not enough money especially after a few shopping tours. Figure it out for yourself. Dear, a "fruit salad" pin is a must on my next shopping tour. You may wear it and when I want to wear one I'll get another. Don't worry about Dr. White and his bill, although you might suggest paying him, he'll say no. Then go out and buy him something nice. I'm sure it will be OK. That charm bracelet you mention runs into money out here, but I'll look around and see what I can do. A couple of dolls are on my Xmas list as of now. Enough for now. I'll be with you again in the morning. Good night, dearest.

Saturday 30 August 1944, 8:30 AM
     Good morning, Sweetheart. Didn't sleep well last night. Some men working on the ship made a lot of noise and woke most of the officers up. Then those mosquitoes decided they had left me alone long enough and went to work. I've several beauties--not mosquitoes--bites.
     Nothing new since last night. Do you remember how you used to make lunch and bring it up to the office and have a bite with me? Seems so long ago. After the war we'll have lunch together often, won't we dear, and you won't need to bring it up. That is all for now, will be with you again tonight.

Loving you as ever
P.S. Regarding Mrs. Numma, I advised against having her teeth extracted and she went somewhere else to have it done. Then she came to me to make her a new set of dentures; the others didn't fit (?) Unless you know her you wouldn't understand the problem. However, dear, before communicating with patients in the future regarding any complaints, let me know first if possible.

A Fruit Salad Pin

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Fixed Lunch and Dinner

Lt. (j.g) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
September 28, 1944, 10:10 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Well here I am again. Just got back from liberty and now for our little visit. Several navy civilian employees invited us over to their house for some drinks and dinner. Nothing had been started in the way of food when we got there so I volunteered to make spaghetti. The shelves were loaded with mushrooms, tomato paste, tomato sauce and the condiments I usually use. I went to town. There were seven of us men and we sure cleaned up. I also fixed a bit of lunch, one of my crazy omelet combinations. The place was up in the hills so we left at 8:30 PM to get back at 10:00 PM and we just about made it.
     Got a letter from you this morning and am pleased to hear that you are getting settled. What happened to Wally that he is on crutches? A thirty days leave is usual when one returns from overseas.
     Glad to hear that you were too tired to write a long letter. I love to read your letters, but being so tired shows that you are keeping busy and I bet you'll sleep better.
     Just got a short note from Dr. White. He says he has had difficulty getting together with you on an appointment. Try to get your teeth completed and out of the way.
     Good night dear and I'll be with you again in the morning.

Friday 29 September 1944, 8:30 AM
     Good morning dear, isn't it wonderful what a good night's sleep will do? This climate would be ideal for the kids. You'd never have to worry about whether they were warm enough or dry. If they did get wet, they'd dry in no time. Living in a place like this does have its advantages.
     Well, I wonder what the morning mail brings. I've gotten replies to all my notes except those to Earl, Leon, Harry Sieger and Nina Hursey. Wrote Aranoff and Bergman but it is a little soon to expect a reply.
     Do you remember how much we enjoyed Wednesday night at home? After the war we'll continue but we'll know better about whom to ask.
     Bye Sweetheart must go to work now. How's about a nice big kiss before I go?

I love you,

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Thursday, 28 September 1944
Dear Linda,
     How is my big girl today? How are you getting along in school? Are you glad to be back on Euclid Street and be able to play with Dorene and Mary Lou?
     I just bought cute pinafores for you and Norma and will send it off as soon as possible. I know you'll like yours and I bet you and Norma will look real pretty in them.
     Mother tells me that you've been a good girl and I'm very glad to hear that. Keep up the good work and Daddy will have several nice surprises for you.
     Bye sweetie-pie, be sure to write me real soon.


House on Euclid Street

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Yahtzeit Candles

Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 27 September 1944, 10:00 PM
Good evening Dearest,
     Just got back from the movie. The picture was "The Whistler" with Richard Dix. I think we saw it together in Diego. Anyway, it was something to pass the time away.
     This has been a rather uneventful day. Worked this morning and after lunch got permission to attend the Yizkor Service. The service was simple and the sermon to the point. There were three Yahtzeit candles burning in the pulpit. One memorializing the parents of those present who had passed on, the second in memory of the Jews who had been killed by the Nazis in Europe and the third in memory of our shipmate and comrades who gave their lives in this war. Wish you could have heard the sermon. The essence of it is that no one lives a complete life. All die leaving work to be done and it is up to the living to continue and finish the job that those that have gone one started.
     When I returned I found another letter from you. The news and tone of the missive made me feel much better. Now that Norma is well and you have someone to help you I hope that you'll take it easy and not wear yourself out or worry about me.
     Now for the quiz program. I don't know about the candy situation because I've never gone out to buy any. However I still have some of the taffies left so you can forget that. As far as Xmas gifts forget that also. If I want to pass any out I'll be able to handle it OK. And "do you really like my picture?" Silly girl. I'm nuts about it though I must say that a smile will go a long, long way. A snap showing that you can still smile will make me very happy. That is all for now dear, I'll finish in the morning. Good night dearest.

Thursday 28 September 1944, 7:55 AM
     Good morning Sweet, how about a nice hug and kiss. Mm, thank you. Gee, we sure slept well last night, didn't we. The kids didn't make a sound all night, guess they're all well now. Swell!!
     Well dear, the isn't much more to tell since last night. I read a magazine for about half an hour after I got into my sack and then turned the light out. This morning seems fresh and cool. Had my usual juice and coffee for breakfast and soon my first patient will be here. Do you remember how, at times, you'd get up and join me when I had my coffee-cake and milk before I dashed off to work? Those were the days. After this war you and I will do everything together, even down to eating breakfast.
     And so, my love, my darling, I must close again. I'll be with you again this evening. Until then

With all my love

P.S. When shall I begin addressing mail to 714 Euclid?

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kol Nidre Service

Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
 USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 26 September 1944,9:45 PM

Dearest Eleanor,
     Just got back from the Kol Nidre service and found six letters waiting for me. You see I had liberty today. I didn't get back to the ship until it was time to go to the service so the exec and I shoved off immediately. The Captain hasn't attended any of the services as far as I know. I enjoyed this service much more than the last one because the place was much larger and cooler. The service itself was quite simple and the sermon was one that could well be repeated in all houses of worship. But then the chaplain wasn't at all concerned about keeping his pulpit or pleasing Mr. and Mrs. Gotrock who contributed lavishly to the building fund. He spoke his mind and we listened and liked it.
     While on liberty today I bought a couple of cute pinafores for the kids. Both are alike. I hope they fit because they set me back $8.80. Glad pay day is soon because with all the shopping I've done I have very little left. Besides I will have to pay $25.00 to the mess out of my next pay which will leave me about $35 for the next two weeks.
     This garden cafe I mentioned turned out to be a private club that opened its doors to officers. Because they close at 7:00 P.M. all one can do there is drink and eat. I imagine though that they've really had some beautiful affairs when times were normal.
     You ask if I enjoy your long letters. That is what I and all the others aboard live for, a letter from home. Regarding the San Diego business you ask about, everything is OK. As far as my getting back to the states before my present tour of duty is up, the chances are very slim indeed. I'll consider any such event as "manna" from heaven.
     Regarding music, how about sending along those dime store booklets you purchased last year. Also send along the music notes I have. There is a piano and I might find time to practice if I had the chords and base forms to follow. There are two note books, send them both.
     Will finish in the morning dear, good night and sleep well.

Wednesday 10:45 AM
     Good morning Sweet. Did you sleep well? Did both our girls behave all night and not disturb you?
     This has been a busy morning and this is the first free time I've had. No more mail this morning but all the letters I got yesterday afternoon should keep me until 1:00 PM when I'll look for more. I got a letters from the "Gs", Deb and Dave, Miss Earnest and three from my Sweetheart. Sounds like you had a busy week-end planned and now that Norma is well again you should take it easy and not overdo.
     Tomorrow my photos should be ready and I'll send them right along. Will know more about Xmas card by then also (I hope)
     There is no use trying to guess where we are going next. I don't know so how can I tell you. We will probably receive casualties because we are equipped to handle them but we won't be a hospital ship and when we get there it'll be all over but the shouting.
     Do you remember how I always wanted to be on the go and never wished to stay home? Well dear after this war I'll be satisfied to remain anywhere as long as I have you and our girls with us.
     Enough for now dear. I want to get this off right away. Goodbye for now, will visit with you again tonight.

With all my love,

Photo of Gil 

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
25 September 1944, 10:45 PM 
Dearest Eleanor,
     Is everything alright? No mail today and with Norma being sick I'm a little concerned. I hope the morning mail brings the glad tidings that Norma is up and kicking again.
     This has been a busy day for me. I worked steadily all morning and afternoon up till 4:00 PM. In addition to ship's company I've been getting patients based ashore who can't get taken care of. As a personal favor to officer friends aboard I've taken care of several men based elsewhere. It is wonderful what effect a shot of Novocain has on a patient and how grateful they are for the little extra consideration
     We finally got our movie equipment rigged up so that we can see pictures on deck. What a relief it was to sit and see a movie with a nice cool breeze blowing all the time. It has been much warmer lately and the stuffiness took all the pleasure out of seeing a movie. The picture tonight was "The Avenger," a British production, and good. A propaganda story about Norway before and after Nazi occupation
     There are several changes to be made in my operating room which will make my work easier. We've been discussing the changes for the past half hour and now the plans are complete. Nothing more for now. I'll finish in the AM after I've gotten the morning mail (I hope). Good night dear and pleasant dreams.

Tuesday 8:15 AM
     Good morning darling. Hope you slept well last night. No mail again this morning and now I'm really worried. Hope the mail this afternoon brings me good news. In the past a day or two went by and then I'd get a whole stack so here is hoping.
     There really is nothing new to write about since last night except that I'm alive and kicking. Do you remember how you and Linda would meet me at the steamboat landing at Catalina and what a reunion that was every week? Well after this war when I come home that reunion will be our last. Then we'll always be together wherever we go.
     So long dear, I'll write again tonight. I do love you.

Your anxious

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Aquarium and Beaches

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Sunday 24 September 1944, 9:30 PM
Dearest Wife,
     Just saw "Ghost Breakers," a typical Olsen and Johnson movie. I got a big bang out of it though you probably wouldn't like it.
     I hope Norma is better now. Didn't get any mail this afternoon except the service edition of the Outlook. However Sunday is a bad day for mail so I'm looking to tomorrow morning.
     Had liberty so after 1:00 PM mail call, Ambie and I hopped a bus with no destination in view. Went to the end of the line, took another bus and went on. This drive was along the beach and very scenic. Came back on the same bus and stopped at an aquarium of tropical fish. Wish you and the kids could see it. All sizes and such shapes; "nightmares" could describe some of the fish very well. Got back to the ship at 7:15 PM and so another liberty.
     Again dear, don't worry about me. I'll be quite safe. Our duties won't bring us into actual combat and I expect you'll be hearing from me more or less regularly.
     About Xmas cards--I am working on something now. If it materializes all the crew and officers will have Xmas greetings to send home free of charge.
     I played back Dave's record which had a personal message from him to bolster my morale (supposedly) and a cute story on the other side. As soon as our public address system is in operation I'll play it so the whole ship can hear it.
     As far as studying after the war is over, where I go will depend on what is available. How can I say now where I want to go when I don't know myself? Good night dear.

Monday 9:00 AM
     No mail this morning. I hope Norma is better. Got a letter from your mother and mine yesterday along with yours which I failed to mention. Here it is 11:00 o'clock and this is all I've gotten written. The next patient will wait until I'm through.
    Sweet, are you feeling better this morning? Hope you got a decent night's sleep. Do you remember how we went sailing on Lake Arrowhead and how scared you were? Well we're going again and let's try sailing once more. Maybe you'll have more confidence in me.
     I'd better close and make sure this gets off today. Bye Sweetheart until tonight.

Your loving husband