Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Friday February 11 1944
Dear  Eleanor,
     Went down to see the apartment. The neighborhood was not as desirable as some of the other units that these builders have, but as far as they know now there probably won't be anything else available until April.  This place was an upper and I can't see much sense in taking it with two kiddies.  However I didn't say anything definite but will let them know Monday after I've talked it over with you.
     I asked about a larger place and he suggested the three bedroom units being built by another outfit in Crown Point, twelve minutes by streetcar to downtown Diego.  I'll look into it tomorrow noon if possible.  If we could rent a three bedroom place I wouldn't want to buy anything. After I got back from the apartment "hunt" I went over to the pistol range and took some instruction in firing the gun.  Didn't do badly.  Out of 17 shots I got seven in the bull's eye.  I should be a fair shot with a little practice. 
     God, this has been a long week.  Last night I went into town and made a hotel reservation for the twenty-forth at the Grant.  No trouble at all. 
     Wish this was Saturday so I could be leaving in the morning.  Guess I can hold out another day.  How are the kiddies?  This is the second day this week that I didn't get any mail from you.  By the way I got the wire yesterday (Thursday) morning at 9:30.  I guess there is no use wiring ever unless it can be delivered before 5:00 P.M.
     This is all till I get home Sunday. Love and kisses and a great big hug.
Your impatient hubby,

Was this the kind of pistol Gil used?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Wednesday 9 February 1944, 10:40 o'clock
Dearest Eleanor,
     Please don't let yourself get so upset about every little thing.  I tried to phone tonight at 6:00 and the operator said that it would be 8:15 before I could get an open line.  I went to the movie and got back at 8:00 and found a note to call the Santa Monica operator.  It took another half hour to get through--so the delay.
     You keep on talking about phoning these different builders and realtors. If you could only hear what the different officers on the base say about conditions here you would know that phoning a stranger will get one absolutely nowhere. However, if we have an inspection Friday, I will have two hours for lunch. It only takes a few minutes by car to reach these different offices.  I'll make appointments and run out and see what the situation is. Monday night is the B'nai B'rith meeting which I will also attend. Frankly I feel more will be accomplished through one of their members than any other way. 
     In the meantime dear, please don't be so impatient and make yourself so miserable.  In spite of my daily activity, the evenings are very lonely for me too.  I didn't even enjoy a gory murder picture this evening with Laird Cregar, Merle Oberon and George Saunders. Knowing me as you do I'm sure that sounds at least unusual. And then from 8:00 PM every evening--what?  Go out and get drunk or chasing women?  You must see I'm just as anxious to have you and the kiddies here as you are to be here. Good night my Sweet until tomorrow.
Your, just as impatient husband,
P.S. This stationery isn't worth a darn--it is too thin so I'm going to use it up writing home.

The gory murder movie.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Sirs" and "May I"

9 February 1944
1735 o'clock
Dearest Eleanor,
     Another day gone and am I glad.  I had only three patients today and that was enough.  One had five cavities, another three and the last one twelve.  All were from a ship that is leaving tomorrow, and the work had to be done right now.  So, Steingart got the call.
     It began to rain when I left the clinic so I decided not to go downtown. I am going to take in an early show tonight and then I'll probably run down and make the reservation.  They are showing "The Lodger," with George Saunders and Merle Oberon.  I hope it is good.
     I didn't get a letter from you today. Anything new about the equipment?  Be sure to arrange the moving out of the stuff this week.  Store it in Bekins. 
     Things have really been peaceful and quiet here as regards the corpsmen.  A lot of "sirs" and "may I' and "please" today.  I don't think I like it half as well as the way things were.  But this is the Navy.
     Bought a $1.10 box of Schrafft's chocolates for 70 cents and finally got sections for my wallet.
     Nothing new about a place I think I'll do some chasing Friday noon if we have an inspection.  Guess I'll sign off till tomorrow.
Your lover,

Gil's US Navy Officer Lapel Pin

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Riot Act

Tuesday 8 February 1944, 1710 o'clock
Dearest Eleanor,
     Another day and nothing new to talk about.  Oh yes.  At our daily indoctrination lecture the riot act was read to the officers.  It seems that in this democracy the enlisted men don't count.  In other words we were told to demand strict respect and decorum in the clinic.  This really is going to take a lot of the fun out of our work.  From what they tell me, the same thing happens every so often.  Then for a week or two everything goes G.I. and then we'll drift back to the old way of doing things.  Don't misconstrue that this is anything I did.  It was simply a general condition existing in the clinic.
     I've been looking in the "houses for rent" columns. If I see anything interesting I'm going to run it right down.
     Received your letter and my first set of questions.  That 3.97 is better than anyone here has ever received.  They say 4.0 is just never given.  Well, I'll try and find out.
     Will probably go downtown tonight and make hotel reservations.  If not tonight, I'll go tomorrow night.  The corpsmen are making so much noise I hardly know what I'm writing, so I'll say adios, my sweet. As ever

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crap Out

Monday 7 February 1944, 1735 o'clock
Dear Eleanor,
     This has really been a busy day so I didn't get much of a chance to "crap out" (loaf).
     We had an easy trip back.  I let Dave drive for an hour and I turned in at 0230.  Finished the sandwiches without any effort and had the best dinner I've had since I reported in.  I had a tenderloin steak about 2-1/2 inches thick and really delicious.  I still can't figure out what happened.
     Tonight there will be a U.S.O. show as well as a movie so I guess I'll go.  If the movie is no good I'll leave and turn in early.
     Got one response on the ad but haven't been able to reach the party.  All that was left was a phone number.  I'll try again later tonight and if no luck tomorrow noon.
     Hope Norma is feeling better.  It really won't be so long before I'll be home this week.  give Linda and Norma a big hug and have one for yourself.


Monday, April 20, 2015

A Good Spot

Friday 4 February 1944
Dear Eleanor,
     Another day, another dollar and that's about all I made today.  Stalled all afternoon with a patient in the chair so that I would be busy for Captain's Inspection.
     Got another letter today which makes at least one for every day this week--a record.  Sorry to hear that you have a cold, hope it'll be better by tomorrow.
     So the draft is catching up with some of the men--ain't that too bad.  Marty is probably worrying although he probably has less to worry about than the rest.  Neither the Army or Navy will take him.
     Going to the movie tonight.  "A Chip Off the Old Block."  They say it's good so I'm going.
     Called Bailac at the Golden State but he was out.  I'll try his hotel tonight. Enclosed is the ad. It's in a good spot.  I'm really hoping for something.
     Love to the kids.  I bet I beat this letter home.
Your husband,

The ad is in a good spot at the top of the column.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Better Be Ready

Thursday 3 February 1944
 1730 o'clock
Dear Eleanor,
     Another busy day.  I'm a little tired now.  Orders came in for a number of the corpsmen.  A whole group is leaving Saturday morning for Farragut, Idaho.
     Received the picture you sent and was a little disappointed in the way Linda looks. It's not at all like her.  She really sounded like quite a lady over the phone last night.
     Last night I had a very good dinner and a few drinks.  Got in by 11:30.
     At noon today I went downtown and placed an ad in the paper for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The charge is $5.25 for both the morning and evening editions on Friday and Saturday and once in the Sunday paper.
     When I got back I got a phone call from a lady friend of Leon.  She wanted a ride to Long Beach and back, but I have no room.
     Big surprise.  After dinner I came back to write and found a letter from Libby. Guess she thought better of my letter to her because she says she is sending Mother money regularly.
     Nothing else to talk about except to say you'd better be ready this weekend.

Photo of Leon
He probably tinted the photo himself.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fuel Pump

Wednesday 2 February 1944, 1645
     Am I aggravated.  Took the car out at noon today to go downtown to place an ad and got stuck. Fortunately I was able to get a club tow car. I just called and found that the car is O.K.--some fuel pump trouble.
     This really has been a busy day. Thirteen patients, including two WAVES.  The daily lecture was called off, so from four to five we were able to loaf. I didn't do anything last night after all.  Read, took a shower and turned in early.
     Tonight Gilman and I are going into town for dinner. This damn food may be good but I'm sick of the sameness of it all.
     Got another letter today and am glad to hear that there is no serious illness at home.  Don't worry too much about help down here.  I just mentioned what we are doing now to a couple of married technicians and they begged me to keep them in mind if we rent a three bedroom house.  These boys are really having a tough time because of the financial end of it.
     Just three more days and I'll be home with my three Sweeties. 'Til tomorrow.

Dental Corps Insignias


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Phantom Lady

Tuesday 1 February 1944
9:10 P.M.
     Went to the movie tonight and saw "Phantom Lady," an interesting psychological murder story.  Returned to my quarters at 8:30 and wrote a few letters--Ethel and Doc, "Wally," Bruce Stern, the Jaffes and the Lodge.  Five letters in an evening is quite a record for me but I expect to do the same each evening until I'm caught up.
     Now that I'm through I sure wish you were here for a little "diddle" or something.  And maybe Linda and Norma would want me to put them to the bed.  Well maybe sooner than I think we'll all be together again.  I hope.  Won't we have fun--you and I and the kids!
Love and kisses,

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Replaced Fuse in Long Beach

Monday night
17:30 o'clock (5:30 P.M.)
    Just finished chow.  This is the first free time I've had today.  Been pretty busy.
    When we arrived in San Diego last night, it began to rain, and it was doing quite well by the time we reached the base.  The car really runs swell although a fuse did burn out in Long Beach.  However there was a box of fuses in the car, and I fixed it in a jiffy.
    Applied for my "A" ration and expect to get my book on Wednesday.  Then I'll apply for my "B" book.
    All your cake is gone. There is a steady flow of corpsmen and doctors to my locker where I keep the two boxes of cookies I brought last week.  They are practically gone.
    At 6:15 a few of the doctors are going to the movie," The Phantom Lady" with Franchot Tone.  I don't know what it's about but it'll kill a couple of hours. then a shower and early to bed for a good night's rest.  It was 2:00 A.M. before I got unpacked and into bed this morning.
    I hope you got a decent night's sleep.  Don't worry dear.  Things will work out so that soon we'll have more than just weekends together.
    Kiss Linda and Norma for me.   Until tomorrow I am
Your loving,

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mileage Los Angeles to San Diego

Thursday 27 January 1944
The Navy paid mileage of $10.08. Lieut. (jg) Gilbert Steingart had driven his Buick from Los Angeles to San Diego to report for active duty on January 17, 1944.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

San Diego--Dry Socket

Wednesday 26 January 1944
2200 o'clock (10:00 P.M.) 
     Just got through "schmussing" with Dr. Denny who is standing watch with me tonight.
     Last night I went to the movie and saw Sinatra in a real stinkaroo.  This morning was quite busy.  This afternoon was dead.  I only saw one patient.  Did it rain in Santa Monica during the night?  We had a real cloudburst here.
     This evening I saw "Henry Aldrich Haunts a House" and found it quite amusing. Tomorrow night "Madame Curie" is showing but I won't go to see it.  I'll wait to see it with you.
     Called Nina Hursey.  She is busy getting ready for her vacation beginning next week.  She insisted on my dropping in on her before she leaves, so I promised to call on her tomorrow (Thursday) night.
     Things aren't bad here during the day. The doctors and corpsmen sit around and talk when they are not working, but when evening comes, they all go their individual ways.  I do miss my "girls."

2230 o'clock (10:30 P.M.)
     Just had an emergency call, a sailor with a dry socket.  He was here yesterday and this morning he asked for relief and they gave him aspirin.  A lot of good that did.  I cleaned out the socket and packed it.  Now he is a new man.
     Am going to go to the BOQ and turn in. Dr. Denny lives off base so he will sleep at the clinic.  The new watch list was posted this afternoon.  I'll be off this weekend.  Next week I have the Friday night watch which means I'll leave as soon after 8 A.M. as I can on Saturday morning.
     My Sunday watch is on February 20 so I'll have to get someone to trade watch with me. I think it can easily be arranged.
     Am getting sleepy.  Nighty night and pleasant dreams hone.  Only two more days and one more night and I'll be home again.
          Love and kisses to all my girls.
As ever,

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Radio

The letter is misdated.  The correct date is Tuesday 25 January 1944. 

Tuesday 24 January 1944
1530 o'clock (3:30 P.M.) 
     The flurry of business we had yesterday was short-lived.  Today things are slow and easy again.
     The "watch" schedule was taken down last night and a new one hasn't been posted yet. The Captain is not here, so there is no way of telling what my schedule is going to be until the last minute.  However I am planning for Saturday and Sunday at home until I hear otherwise.
     Last night I was "dead" tired.  I phoned the president of the B'nai B'rith.  He told me they were having an open meeting with Dr. Nussbaum as the guest speaker.  I was so tired and with the uncertainty of my "watch" night, I decided not to go to the meeting. Instead I talked to him. Although he was not very encouraging, he promised to try and help out.  He gave me the name of a member who is in the realty business.  I'll try to reach him tonight.  I took a shower and turned in at 8:00 P.M.

Wednesday, 26 January 1944
1615 o'clock (4:15 P.M.)
      Dr. Thompson, in whose office I worked till this morning, returned.  Now I'm in another office.  The last man here cleaned out all the supplies when he left, so I've got to re-supply all the necessary items, but not from my pocket.
     Regarding hand pieces.  I have two straight hand pieces, one S.S. White and one Terry.  Sell the Terry. $20 is a fair price.  All the hand pieces are stowed in the full barrel. What a job finding them. Miss Earnest will have to do the best she can.
     The radio works well at my quarters.  I can't decide whether I want it there or here at my office.  If I were rich, I'd have two of them, one at each place.  But as a Lt. (j.g.), one will suffice.
     One of the doctors who has been married only a couple months came to me all excited.  His wife is "pregling" and what'll he do about it? Neither of them wants a baby right away and they are really desperate.  Of course there wasn't much I could advise except that if he had anything done to be sure to get a good man to do it.
          The wind howled and it poured "cats and dogs" last night. Today is sunny and quiet.
           Hope "Stinky's" nose is better, and tell Linda I'll be home soon.  I'll write to Deb about the chances of a hitch for the weekend.  As far as your coming here, we'd best wait and see what develops.  Impatiently till this weekend and with "lotenis" of love.
OXX   Here is a bigger kiss back to you and
oxx   Two little ones for Linda and Norma

Monday, April 6, 2015

Free for Nothing

Monday 24 January 1944
 1630 o'clock (4:30 P.M.)
Dearest Eleanor,
     Well--at last I can sit down.  We've really had a busy day today.  I put in twenty-four fillings and most of them were large ones.
     I took my time driving and got in at 7:30 A.M.  The other doctors here say I shouldn't take chances like I am.  If you're late for duty, car trouble is no excuse so I may have to rearrange my schedule.
     There really isn't much I can say.  I worked steadily all day.  Just dozed a little during the noon hour.  I really am sleepy and can't decide whether I should go to the B'nai B'rith meeting tonight.   I'll probably yawn and yawn.  However I shan't decide until after "chow."  Maybe a cup of coffee or two will wake me up?
     How is Norma's cold today?  Is Linda still naggy?  I hope they'll both be good this week.  I talked to the officer at the desk.  Long distance calls are hard to get through unless on official business.  So if you must reach me, you'd better wire instead of phoning.
     Your cookies made a big hit.  There were lots of seconds and thirds and they are practically gone.  I hope this week goes fast so I can get back to my three girls.
Note: The Red Cross supplies all this stationery "free for nothing."

Friday, April 3, 2015

All Hands Aboard

Thursday 20 January 1944
Dear Eleanor,
     How is my Sweet today? Just one more day and I'll be home and are we going to have fun.
     Last night an order came through for the Medical Department (including the Dental Corps) to have "all hands aboard" for an inspection by the Admiral on Saturday.  And was I in a dither!  That meant that I couldn't leave until after the Admiral made his inspection. This morning a change in orders came through.  We had to get ready for inspection by 1:00 P.M.  We did, he came, and everyone is happy.
     I ran into the younger Levison boy; he is an ensign.  I don't remember his first name, but his brother's name is Billy.
     I was a little busier today.  I placed twelve silver fillings, two porcelain fillings and cleaned a lieutenant's teeth.  Usually by 4:00 o'clock things drop off, but we must remain "aboard" until 5:15.
     Called Nina Hursey at her work yesterday.  She couldn't talk and asked me to call her at home.  I will one of these days.
     Well Dear, keep your panties on till I get home tomorrow (Friday night).

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Wednesday 19 January 1944
1520 o'clock (3:20 P.M.)
Dearest Eleanor,
     Please don't be so impatient.  We'll have lots of time together.  I'm not sure but it looks like the next three weekends are ours from Friday night until Monday morning.
     I've been kept so busy working and getting my papers in order that I haven't had time to leave the base. This morning I received the letter you mailed yesterday. The one you mailed on Monday came this afternoon.  The delay was probably due to the address, but you have the change now.
     Three men were transferred out of here today. A fourth leaves next month. Altogether there are only eleven dentists, so they are going fast.  We'll have to stay put until I get on a permanent basis here.  Right now I am replacing a man who was sent to San Francisco for a week.
     I, too, find it hard going to sleep at night.  By "it" I mean just what you think, but I did sleep better last night than I expected.  If at all possible, I will phone you Thursday between 6:00 and 7:00. Until then with loads of love I am

Your loving,

Did I give you the phone of the clinic here at the base?  It is Main 1071 Extension 311.  I can't call out but I can be reached if important.  The hours are 8:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 5:15.

Envelope from Letter