Friday, May 29, 2015

3 hrs. 15 min.

Monday 6 March 1944, 1200

     Had a nice easy trip back--3 hrs. and 15 min.  Talked to Dr. Doughty this morning.  He has decided that he likes his shift now so no change there.  I also phoned the newspaper and there isn't even one response on both ads.  Guess you'll have to try the Los Angeles Examiner.
     I really enjoyed the sandwiches and everybody came around.  All wished they had a wife who could fix them something for lunch once in awhile.  One of the corpsmen had a birthday Saturday; his mother sent him a big spice cake which he disposed of without any trouble.
     I am now biding my time till some of the fellows return from lunch.  Then I'll play some volley ball.  Tonight we are all going to the Dental Meeting (after dinner).
     There really isn't much more I can say--it's only fourteen hours since I left home nine of which were spent driving and sleeping.  The rest working.
     Kiss my girls for me. A real big one for you too.  Isn't it nice to know that by next weekend you'll be well and raring to go again?
     'Til tomorrow.
Your lover,



Thursday, May 28, 2015

Libby Writes

Letter to Eleanor from Gil's sister
Monday March 6,1944
Dear Eleanor,
     Received your card and hope you've been able to locate something in San Diego--I know being separated must be awful.
     Nat went to a meeting tonight and Mother F. went to a J.C.R.A. affair so I'm catching up on my correspondence.  Mother F. is going to L.A. in a week or two.  She just can't find a place here--not even a housekeeping room.  Besides it's time she settled down--at least for the duration.  She'll try to find an apartment at the beach.
     Anne will be home Wednesday--has been gone two weeks.  I had Edna and Ronnie and Jerry over for dinner Friday night.  Loretta just adores her little cousins, especially Ronnie.  Edna certainly gas taken wonderful care of those kids while Anne was away.
     Am reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and like it immensely.  Finally saw "For Whom the Bell Tolls" but was disappointed--found it too long. Otherwise haven't been doing an awful lot.  Had quite a bit of rain the past two weeks.  Every time I wanted to get out to do a little shopping it was raining.
     Mother writes your maid is going away for a short time.  I do hope she returns allright.
     How are the children?  I imagine Linda is thrilled with kindergarten.  Loretta just loves school.  She comes home alone now.  I was a little nervous for awhile but she is very careful crossing streets.  I even send her for bread and small things to the grocery store.  Loretta thinks she is so grown up when she shops for me. I do an awful lot of reading to her now.  We go to the public library and get books there. That way I don't have to re-read stories so many times.
     I'm getting sleepy. Do write soon.

photo of Loretta

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"A" Ration Coupons

The letter is misdated. It should be 2 March, 1944.
Thursday, 3 February 1944
1520 o'clock (3:20 P.M.)
Dearest ,
    I haven't heard from you since you left.  I hope it's only a delay in the mail and nothing else.  How do you feel?  If you haven't sent me the "A" book on the Plymouth please do so right away.
    This has been a busy day for me.  Not because we are particularly busy now but because I felt like working.  I only saw six patients but I put in twenty fillings.  I could just as well have made twenty sittings out of the six, but one gets tired of loafing all the time.
    One of Dr. Taylor's patients, a cook, brought in four large steak sandwiches for lunch.  I had one plus a bottle of milk and feel quite full still.
    Last night three of us went downtown.  Stopped in a bar for drinks.  Turned in.  Tonight I may go to a movie.  They are showing "Lifeboat."  Maybe I'll leave it for tomorrow night when I stand watch.  It all depends on how I feel.
    Everybody enjoyed the gingerbread cake (the icing was not sour).  I ate the apple for breakfast plus a couple of cookies.
    Excuse my rambling, but everything goes down as it comes up (I mean my thoughts).
    It's just been a couple of days since you left and I can hardly wait for Saturday night.
Envelope from the Bureau of Price Administration which issued ration books

 "A" Ration Coupons 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Big Hug

The letter is misdated.  The actual date was 1 March 1944.

Wednesday 3 February 1944
            1540 o'clock (3:40 P.M.)
Dearest Eleanor,
     Well here I am taking it easy again--another quiet day after yesterday.
     Did you have a nice trip home? How are the kids?
     Received a letter from Miss Earnest this morning.  It seems the auditor came in early and according to her the accounts are in good shape.  She also told me about the $7.50 Edna paid to the mover.  He was supposed to be there at 4:00 but he got there earlier. You'd better check about the X-ray machine being in the way and try to get the equipment disposed of one way or another. 
     There really isn't much more to tell--nothing but routine stuff around here.  Am going to class in fifteen minutes.
     Love and kisses and a great big hug for each of my girls. 
As Ever,
Your Husband Gil 

Gil's Dental Corps Insignias

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Record

Tuesday 29 February 1944, 1720 o'clock
Dear Eleanor,
     The same routine again today.  Worked all morning, lunch at 1130, volleyball at 1200, back to work at 1300 and plugged away all afternoon.  At 1530, instead of the regular lecture, we were shown pictures of the different types of ships and their armament and a reel on first aid aboard ship.  Went to chow at 1700 and back here at the clinic twenty minutes later to write my daily note to you.
     I got another letter from you today.  That makes three in two days--a record.
     I'm going to go to town tomorrow noon and place an ad for a place to rent.  If there are no results, I'll contact Sipper's friend at the Grant.  Or should I see him right away?  I'll discuss it with you by phone tomorrow.
     Don't know what I'll do tonight.  Saw "Lady and Monster" last night--a very interesting movie but you wouldn't like it.  It is also on tonight.  Taylor and Gilman are going downtown.  I may join them.  I'll see later.
     I really feel good today and hope that you and the kids are O.K. too.  Four more days and I'll be home and this is going to be a hard weekend.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Monday 28 February 1944, 1745
Dear Eleanor,
     Am surprised--received two letters from you today. I'm going to advertise as you suggested with rent in advance. If I don't get any results by the end of the week I'll see Sipper's friend.
     Yesterday was very uneventful.  Last night I saw "Where Are Our Children?" with Jackie Cooper.  Tonight I'll see "The Lady and the Monster.  I hope it'll be more entertaining.
     A lot of ships are in, so we are keeping pretty busy.  At noon today I played volleyball and had lots of good exercise and fun
     How is the weather now?  The sun came out Sunday early and it has been beautiful ever since.
     Glad to hear the kids are well and that you are keeping busy.
     Nothing more except a big hug and kiss to Linda and Norma.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


        Sunday 27 February 1944, 1750 o'clock
     What a day.  First I sat on one chair, then another, on one desk and then a second.  Nothing to break the monotony except chow.
     When I arrived here this morning I changed into my grays and am I glad with all the laying around I've done.  For breakfast I had orange juice, coffee and donuts; lunch--creamed chicken on toast with peas and coffee and ice cream; for dinner baked pork chops (2) with asparagus, small salad, red tart plums and ice cream (both for dessert).
     I read some, did some work on my correspondence course and even took a nap.
     How was your trip home?  Did you find the kids well?  I hope that tickling in your throat was a false alarm and not a cold coming on.  I really feel much better today.  The achiness is gone as is my headache. Now I'm getting drainage from my sinuses.
     Don't forget to write Deb about my leaving Saturday instead of Friday.  It has only been eleven hours since I saw you off and I miss you already.  It's going to be hard to wait 'til Saturday.
          By, my Sweet, 'til tomorrow
P.S.  Before the movie this evening, they are having a general service.  I may or may not attend.

Part of the Insignia from Gil's Officer's Cap

Thursday, May 14, 2015

San Diego--Dinner $2.25

Tuesday 22 February 1944, 1745 o'clock
     This has been a fairly busy day so tonight I'm going to catch up on my sleep.
     Went to the dental meeting and though I enjoyed it, next time I'll go after dinner. $2.25 is too much for a j.g. to lay out for dinner.  I met my accountant at the club where the meeting was being held and explained to him about the change in the tax return, so you don't have to worry about it anymore.  I also ran into two more classmates who are practicing here.  One in National City--the Manpower Commission has refused to release him. The other has applied to the Navy three times and was turned down each time.  I also saw a Jewish dentist whom I met at the B'nai B'rith last Monday.  The speaker talked for two hours on a subject which was interesting but it would take years to prove him right or wrong.  The topic was nutrition and its effect on heredity.
     It has been squally all day here.  Rain and wind intermittently all day long.  This is the first time I got more food at chow than I could eat.  Roast turkey and so much of it with ice cream for dessert.  The only reason we could figure out for the menu was Washington's Birthday.
     This is probably the last letter I'll write you this week (I hope).  I really am looking forward to Thursday.  All my love to you and the girls.
As ever,
Your lover Gil


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Movie of December 7 Attack

Monday 21 February 1944
Dear Eleanor,
     Arrived safe and dry at 4:45 and hit the sack at 5:00.  The trip down was easy even though we did run into a lot of rain.
     Your chicken sandwiches went over with a bang.  Three of the doctors joined me for lunch.  This afternoon instead of the regular lecture at 4:00 we were shown official movies of the December 7 attack of Hawaii by the Japs. Will tell you more about it Thursday (I hope).
     I am a little sleepy now but a shave and a shower will wake me up enough for the meeting tonight.
     By this time you should be all over with your little trouble and by Thursday be raring to go.
     Kiss my girls for me and don't be too impatient.  As ever
Your lover,

This is a link to a Navy movie about  Pearl Harbor.  Was it the one Gil saw?

Part of Gil's Officer's Hat Insignia

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Navy Way

Friday 18 February 1944
My Dearest,
     What a day! Saw three patients. One this morning and two this afternoon.  Wasn't able to chase down regarding an apartment this noon as I had planned.  My corpsman was sent to San Francisco for a week course in Gas School and with Captain's Inspection this afternoon I had to spend part of my noon hour seeing that everything was spic and span. The Captain didn't come through until 4:00 P.M. I had to stall with my last patient for more than an hour so that I would be busy when he came through. That is the "Navy way" of doing things.  I did attend to my life insurance today.
     I believe I forgot to mention it in my last letter, but the night that the fellows went downtown for a couple of drinks I ran into Harold Jiler and Maurry Green. They were not together but we all three ran into each other simultaneously. What a coincidence.
     Received three letters from you today, so I guess that your Tuesday letter was delayed somewhere along the line. It was postmarked 15th and the other two were the 17th and they all came together.
     I hope you are out of the "red" and feeling in the "pink" because we have an important date for Saturday night.  So until then my Sweet

Link to a 1944 WWII Navy Training Film 
"The Duties of a Dental Technician"

Friday, May 8, 2015

Placed Ads

Thursday 17 February 1944, 1615
     Hello my Sweet this is me again. Nothing new, nothing exciting.  Couldn't go to the movie last night; I had already seen it. Tonight they are showing "Jane Eyre" so again I won't go. Some fun!
    Went down and placed the ads at noon. Who knows?  Maybe by Monday I'll have some good news.
     We are still working pretty hard here. A new man is expected within a week.  He is a full Lieutenant, so he should be able to ease up the load considerably.  No letter from you today.  Guess I'll get one tomorrow.
     How are you feeling now, any better? I hope your Mother has completely recovered.
     It sure will be nice when we are down here all together.  With nicer weather coming on and longer days we'll have lots of fun together.
     'Til tomorrow night when I'll give you my love personally.
Your husband,


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ears Set Out

Thursday 17 February 1944
Dearest Wife,
     It's 3:15 and no more patients--ain't that too bad.  A new man reported in Monday, so a few of us got together and went into town for a couple of drinks last night.
     This morning this place was like a morgue so I went to the barber shop and had my "ears set out."  It poured from 10:30 to 11:30 and then cleared off, so we were able to play some volley ball at noon as usual.
     Got a letter from Ethel L. and Debby.  Nothing important from Debby, just that they had a way home but would ride back with me Sunday.  Ethel is upset because "Doc" was reclassified 1A, but such is life.
     Only received one letter from you this week.  You must be slipping or maybe you're pretty busy, but I'll forgive you.  Am going to phone you tonight, so adios my Sweet, with kisses to Linda and Norma.
The best diddle you ever had,


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Six Letters

Wednesday 16 February 1944
My Dearest Eleanor,
     Another busy day.  Guess they weren't kidding when they said the loafing was only temporary, but who cares.  I would rather keep busy than sit on my fanny all day.
     After the movie last night I returned to B.O.Q. and wrote six letters--the Fleischers, Collons, Goldie M., Frances and Jack, Ruth and Harry and the Aranoffs.
     At noon today the doctors got together and played volleyball.  We're going to do the same every noon.  We had a lot of fun and exercise but we sure looked soft.
     Dr. Tyler, who has been here for six months, got his orders for fleet marine duty.  This is considered the most rugged outfit there is.  The dentist trains right along with the marines and goes on all hikes under full pack.  In combat he goes over with the second wave.  All of this has made him very happy as you can well understand.  Now all the men who have been here for six months or more are expecting orders any day.
     Don't let this worry you.  I still will be here for at least six months and it can be a year or more before anything happens.
     You should be through riding the red pony by Saturday night and then we'll have a little serious business to take care of.  So until Saturday night keep those panties on and it'll be my pleasure to take them off.



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tight and Conservative

Tuesday 15 February 1944
Dear Eleanor,
     This has been a very busy day.  Worked steadily from eight this morning until four.  Went to class from four until five, then chow and now this letter.
     Went to the B'nai B'rith meeting last night. Was I disgusted! The Santa Monica lodge really has something to be proud of.  These fellows are as tight as they make them and just as conservative.   They give fifteen cents apiece to war service and think they're doing their part.  I was going to make a few remarks but I kept quiet when I saw what the situation was.  You were certainly right when you said that I would get a cool reception.  They were friendly alright but when housing was mentioned they all clammed up as if I was asking for a donation.
     I am going to see the "Fighting Seabees" tonight and then to bed after a little work on my course.
     How is everything with you?  I haven't received any letter as yet.  Hope nothing is wrong.  Will make a point of investigating those three bedroom flats this week and when you come down next week I am sure everything will be settled.
     We got a new dental officer today and they made room here by sending one of the other doctors to the auxiliary clinic. Nothing else to gab about.  I am looking forward to a swell weekend.
Your love,

Friday, May 1, 2015

Swell Time

Monday 14 February, 1944 1515 o'clock
Dearest Eleanor,
     Had a very uneventful trip back to the base.  Made swell time--three hours and fifteen minutes.  When I got into my room it was colder than he-- so I turned on the heater.  In ten minutes everything was nice and cozy.
     The doctors made quite a dent in the box of cake and fruit this noon.  I now have two special requests for those candies that Linda gave me.  If you can buy some more for next weekend please do so.
     At noon today one of the cooks brought in some nice thick fillet steak sandwiches--mm.  Then we all went over to do some pistol shooting.
     This has been a typical Monday.  Busy all day long.  I really could find a patient if I looked hard but I just feel a little lazy so I'm writing this letter instead.
     I have a class at 4:00 P.M. and chow at 5:00.  Then back to the barracks for a little freshening up and the B'nai B'rith meeting tonight.
     How are you feeling today?  Is everything alright? I hope now you have nothing to occupy your mind except our plans for moving.
     Kiss Linda and Norma and a big hug for you.  (I just had another visitor for more of your candies).  Don't forget our date (in bed) on next Saturday night.

The Pistol?