Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Flat

Thursday 30 March 1944, 1900 o'clock
    Here I am. Been waiting almost an hour for the call to you to come through.  I'm sure I won't have to wait much longer now.
    At noon today I went down and saw the flat and was pleasantly surprised.  It really will look nice with a few decent sticks stuck around.  The living room is quite large about 12x18.  The kitchen is small but there is room for a refrigerator and stove such as we have at home.  However, I do think we ought to buy one of those four burners just half the size of the one we have now.  I saw one in Sears for $69.50. All the rooms have ceiling lights except the living room so you needn't worry about the light problem. Tomorrow I'll go back to the Supply Depot and find out about storage.
    I really wasn't very excited about this change but now that I've seen the place and its possibility and the prospect of having you and kiddies here with me all together again, I can hardly wait.
    I'm writing in B.O.Q. and Gilman is here to annoy me.
    Forgot to find out what's at the movie, guess I'll walk down and take in the second show if I haven't already seen it.
    I won't seal this letter until after I've talked to you which should be any minute. Until tomorrow.

Linda recalls that the flat had a stove something like this

Monday, July 27, 2015


Wednesday 29 March 1944, 1815 o'clock
Hello Honey,
     Just finished a hot game of volleyball and now I'm going back to the B.O.Q. for a quiet evening in.
     Nothing much to say since I wrote but a few hours ago. Rumor still has it that six officers are due to arrive and the Exec thinks we may go on a double shift.  We hope that is true for it will give a fellow enough time during the day to attend to personal matters off the base.  Another rumor is that our whole department is going to move over to Camp Elliot. As far as we're concerned that wouldn't make any difference. However all this is "scuttlebutt" so we'll just have to wait and see.
     Love to my girls and a big XX to you.
Your lover,

Insignia from Gil's Officer's Hat 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Get Rid of Gas Coupons

Wednesday 29 March 1944, 1110 o'clock
Dear Eleanor,
     How are you this morning?  I'm just taking it easy.  Hope it is nice and quiet Saturday, then I'll be able to get away real early.  I'm going to met Deb and Dave in Oceanside and leave the Plymouth there.  Dave is going to drive their car this week.
     Went to the meeting last night and then we had a few drinks.  I really felt like celebrating now that we have a place in Diego. I'm going down at noon today to make a deposit and thus make the cheese more binding.
     We had dinner at the Saddlerock Grill last night instead of the $2.25 dinner at the meeting.  A nice big salad with sliced chicken and salami. After dinner, walking down to the University Club I ran into Dr. and Mrs. Thorpe.  Her folks live here and they sponge on them every times she comes down.  Nice and convenient but I think we'll have a lot more fun as we'll be.
     Nothing much doing here outside of what I've already mentioned.  Don't make too many definite arrangements until we've had a chance to talk things over this weekend. Do you still want reservations at the hotel? Time for chow now. So 'til tomorrow.  
P.S. Get rid of these gas coupons I picked up.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Place in San Diego

Tuesday 28 March 1944, 1600
Dear Eleanor,
     Well we should both feel better now that we have a place in San Diego.  I'm going down at noon tomorrow to pay a deposit and find out just "what is cooking." 
     This place has been like a morgue today.  It's been just as quiet as it was when I first reported in.  Scuttlebutt has it that for the next three weeks we'll be taking it easy.  Then the fleet will be back and more work for us.
     Last night I saw "Lady in the Dark." Not bad but not good.  That Lawrence dame has it all over Ginger Rogers.  By the time the censors cut up the script most of the zip of the play is gone.
     Dr. Taylor's wife is coming down to look for a place.  He has all her clothes in his car.  She is coming down tomorrow and he has no place to put her.  The Grant or some similar hotel is too expensive and he's looking.  He'll have to look a long way.
     Tonight I'm going to a study club meeting at the University Club.  Synthetic porcelain is the subject to be handled.  It ought to be interesting and useful because we use a lot of synthetic here.
     Hope you and the kiddies are enjoying the gorgeous summery weather.  It is simply beautiful out today.
     Looking forward to a very pleasant weekend now that your mind at ease regarding our immediate future.
Love and kisses,

Gil in Blues
San Diego

Monday, July 20, 2015

We'll Be Together

Monday 27 March 1944, 1445 o'clock
     Well here I am again, tired and mad.  Tired because I worked hard again and mad because Dr. Boutte got surgery instead of me.  Why?  Just because they needed someone who could turn out the filling work and couldn't spare me.
     Had an easy trip back, arriving at 1:20.  Got a good night's sleep and after chow tonight I'll go see "Four Jills in a Jeep."  Hope it's good.  At noon I played volleyball and got a good workout.
     Tomorrow afternoon I'll attend to those chores you listed for me.  Then I'll give you a buzz.
     I'll sure be glad when the next ten to twelve days are gone and we'll all be together again.  We did have a nice weekend and from now on we'll have nice weeks and weekends.
     Nothing else to say.  So say hello to my girls and give them a great big kiss xxx and here are a couple for you too xxx.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gas Ration

Thursday 23 March 1944, 1745 o'clock

Dear Eleanor,
     Another day and I really worked.  Put in twenty-four fillings and not all simple either.
     Stayed in last night, even the movie didn't sound interesting.  Tonight I'm going to see "Passage to Marseille" with Humphrey Bogart, Eric Dorn, Peter Lore and?  Hope it's good.
     I'm not going to do anything or make any arrangements about the flat until I've talked things over with you.  I suppose you're all excited now and making all kinds of plans.  Swell, but take it easy and don't make too many plans.
     Here at the clinic there is nothing new.  Six dentists are expected but who knows when?  There is room for five so that means someone is probably going to leave.  It'll probably be Dr. Saks, Dr. Jacobs or Dr. Boutte and then again maybe no one.
     It has really been warm out here and you know how much I like warm weather.  However a nice shower before retiring makes a big difference.  I think I'm still gaining weight, going to have to do something about that.
     I hope you disposed of the gas ration coupons. Don't put too much gas in the Buick but have enough for the weekend.  I'm planning on calling on Oscar V. for a little on Sunday. We'll have to get ahead plenty.  There'll be no place to chisel any gas down here.
     Not much else to say except that I'll try to be home early Saturday and I am looking forward to one hell of a weekend.  I hope you know what I mean.
Kiss my two girls,
You diddle partner

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Response to House Exchange Ad

Tuesday 21 March 1944, 1720
     I phoned the newspaper and found there was one response to our exchange ad. The response reads "I have a three bedroom wooden house centrally located here. Would like an interview with you in regards to your Santa Monica home. Will not be home until Wednesday at 5:00. Call W3718--if interested."  If interested?  And how!  Hope by the time I phone tomorrow night I'll have some good news for you.
     Haven't heard from you this week as yet.  Bet I get two letters tomorrow.  I wrote my Mother and sent her a $10.00 check.
     Nothing new here at the clinic.  I'm working hard but nothing else to talk about.  By now you should be feeling pretty chipper and by the time Friday rolls around we'll both be rarin' to go.
     Goodnight My Sweet until we meet tomorrow

Santa Monica Home

Monday, July 13, 2015

Letter from Bruce: Army Doctor

March 11, 1944
Dear Gil--
     It was a pleasant surprise to receive your letter today.  As you will recall, it was written over a month ago--and God knows when you'll receive this answer--but the reply is being penned with 2 hours of receipt.
     As you see  by the heading, and as you no doubt have heard by this time, I'm quite a distance from Santa Monica.  However the trip here and knocking around a new country has been quite a pleasant experience. The medicine I've practiced so far has been negligible, but I honestly enjoy my work--particularly being out in the field.  I'm with an artillery outfit, so it's not so rugged as the infantry. The men and officers are of a higher caliber than one finds in the infantry, so my associations are rather pleasant.
     I've been to London, and took in Westminster Abbey, Parliament, 10 Downing Street and other such places--as well as being practically knocked down (or up?) by the "Piccadilly Commandos."  Those girls can really walk.  The English countryside is very picturesque, and is, without a doubt, the outstanding feature of England.
     Despite the above pleasantries, our only thought is to get the war over with and go home.  That is the attitude of everyone, regardless of how blood thirsty he may be.  We're all quite optimistic and look for a termination on this side, at least, not too long from now.
     As you probably know, Dave and I had A "misunderstanding" last fall, so I hear of him only by rather circuitous routes.  I assume that he's still stationed near San Diego, so you have a chance to get together fairly often.  Also heard that Leon was back in those parts, so it must be a family reunion.  I honestly intended to write to him, but, in the process of moving, misplaced his address.
     Thanks again for your letter--you have no idea how we welcome mail from home--I would like very much to hear from you again.  My best to Eleanor and the children--and hope your set up continues to be as pleasant as it seems.
Best Regards,

Photo of Leon--Bruce had misplaced his address.