Friday, June 19, 2015

Breathing Spell

Monday 20 March 1944, 1545 o'clock
     A little breathing spell so here I am again. Tried to reach Diller twice but no answer at that number. That was at noon so I'll try again in a few minutes.
     Just got another letter from Libby so I sat down and dropped her a line also.
     Had a nice workout at noon playing ball.  Don't know what the movie is tonight but if I haven't see it I'll go and turn in early.
     Forgot to enclose Bruce's letter so here it is.

Navy Brass Button

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

That'll Save a Little Gas

Monday 20 March 1944, 1215 o'clock
Hello My Sweet,
     Stopped to see Leon on the way and with the delay I arrived at the base at 1:30. Deborah is still doctoring. That's what she wanted to see Leon about--a doctor to go to.
     Phoned about our ad, but no response as yet. But then yesterday was the first day.
Dr. Gilman was tickled pink with our invitation so you can go ahead and make reservations, etc.  By the way, don't plan on riding with Leon if you come to San Diego in three weeks.  He said he probably would be taking someone down with him and I imagine that someone will be a "she."
     Had a very busy morning and when 11:30 came, I tore into those sandwiches with a vengeance.  Were they good!
     Dave is taking his car down next week so I'll drive to Oceanside and leave the Plymouth there over the weekend.  That'll save a little gas.
     After this letter I'll drop a note to Miss Earnest and then go out and play a game of volleyball.
     In the meantime my Sweet, keep that smile on your face and a little more hope in your heart.  We'll be together in Diego yet.
     A big hug and kiss to all my girls.

Photo of Leon

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wisdom Tooth

Thursday 16 March 1944, 1730
Dear Eleanor,
     What a day.  Nice and hot and lots of work.  So far this month I'm top man for work done and if I wanted to I could even do a lot more.  I removed a wisdom tooth that was embedded and showed the doctor in surgery a couple of new twists.  It was really slick even if I say so myself.  
     Nothing new about a house but I'm still hoping. I expect to leave early tomorrow so I should be home early. I hope Norma is better now.  It's a shame that she had to come down with such a bad cold. However Linda seems to have a lot more resistance than she used to have and that's a consolation.
     Going to a movie tonight and turn in early again.  Been a real good boy this week and haven't gone into town at all. After all this rest I should be raring to go this weekend and I hope so are you.
     Love to the kiddies.  I'll be giving you mine personally tomorrow evening.  As ever
Your diddler,

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Treatment and Surgery

Wednesday March 15, 1805 o'clock
Dearest Wife,
     Just finished talking to you and now I'm writing to you. As I told you a few of us- Taylor, Gilman, Thompson and I went to the dance last night.  The dance was held at Pacific Square, a ballroom as large as the Bon Ton. A navy band furnished the music. Admission was open only to Medical and Dental Corps and associated services i.e. nurses, Waves, etc. There were lots of extra girls but I didn't feel much like dancing.  So, we sat around and drank and felt pretty high by the end of the evening.
     You asked about my work. Well today a case was sent to me that I began to turn down because I felt the treatment would be futile. However, when I was told that the Captain had suggested the treatment I didn't have much choice but to accept the case. It's a treatment to be followed by surgery to remove a large infected area. I'll do it all myself. The fact that I've gotten at least one such unusual case each day this week and that none of the other doctors are getting any indicates to me that I may get some kind of break here. As far as corpsman instructor, no one has been chosen yet.
     Tonight is my duty night.It's my turn to sleep in B.O.Q. so I'll turn in early and get a good night's sleep.
     Please don't let the way you feel get you down. I'm certain this time everything is okedoke.  And this weekend we'll have a little more fun.  From you letter it looks like you have a pretty busy week--good!
     I'll place our ad tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed.
Love and kisses to all,

Pacific Square Ballroom in 1941

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gold Inlay

Tuesday 14 March 1944, 15:45
Dear Eleanor,
     Still plugging away. I like the change even with the increased amount of work. Today I was given a large gold inlay to make. Business is really picking up.
     Went to the move last night and saw "Heavenly Bodies," a very amusing picture. When I came out, it began to pour and I never did get to the B'nai B'rith meeting. However, tomorrow noon I'll go down and place those ads in the paper for the weekend.  Let us pray.
     Monday and Tuesday have come and gone but still no word from you.  I hope my mail reaches you more promptly.  Tonight is the monthly "Hospital Dance" and all the corpsmen and some of the doctors have been egging me on to go.
     They promise plenty to drink even if I don't care to dance.  I'm weakening, but I feel funny about going to a dance without you.  I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.
     Tomorrow night is my "watch" and then it is Thursday and on Friday I'll be home again.  I hope everything is OK by you then and we'll take up where we left off last weekend.
     Give Norma and Linda big kisses from Daddy.
As ever your lover,

P.S. Excuse this paper.  I couldn't get any Red Cross tonight.

Gil had the title of the movie wrong.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bridges and Crowns

Monday 13 March, 1745
Dearest Eleanor,
     I don't like this change.  Worked like a dog and feel like I used to after a hard day in the office.  The only consolation is that I'll get more variety.  I made a crown today.  Bridges and crowns will be part of my work.
     Made good time last night. We got in at 1:15.  The sandwiches were delicious and everyone enjoyed the brownies.
     Well how is your "business?"  You'd better write and tell me all is well on that front.
     Tonight they are showing "Heavenly Body" with Hedy Lamarr and William Powell.  After the show I'll go over to the B'nai B'rith meeting.
     How is your mother today?  Has Norma's nose stopped running" Now that Linda is back in school things ought to be a little easier.  By the way everyone stops to admire the photos of our girls.
     Four more days and I'll be home to take up where we left off last weekend. Keep the "home fires burning" till later

Linda and Norma 
Guesstimate December 1943

Friday, June 5, 2015


Thursday 9 March 1745
My Dearest,
     Received two more letters from you today.  Of course we'll take an unfurnished place from Diller if that's what you want.
     Saw "Soul" last night.  I never did see it before--pretty good. Tonight they are showing "Sahara" so I'll pass it by.  Got a
nice box of candy and your pics. After lunch I went over to the pistol range and shot a pretty good score--got five bull's eyes out of the first ten and six out of the second ten. Then a hot game of volleyball. Now after dinner I am writing you.
     Tried to reach Diller but was unsuccessful. Will try tomorrow again.  For a change I'm going to try an ad for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
     Dr. Waterhouse, one of the dental officers, came in this morning feeling low.  He was sent to the hospital with the measles.  Hope I'm immune.  I was kidding around with him this morning.
     Nothing new in the clinic but I expect something different before the end of the week.  Got another inlay to make today and also a Commander from Medical as a patient.
     Hope Norma's cold is better and you have gotten over the blues.  A big kiss for each of you.

The movie--Soul 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Examined a Draft of Men

Wednesday 8 March 1944,  1615 o'clock
My Dearest,
     Please don't upset yourself like you have been.  We must be patient and keep looking. Something is bound to turn up.  I'll call Diller tomorrow and try an ad in the San Diego paper this coming weekend again.
     Going to see "Souls at Sea."  The movie shown last night was so putrid that I didn't go.  It was the same one that was shown on Monday and the opinion seemed to be unanimous.
     As I told you over the phone, I examined a "draft" of men going out for sea duty. Along with me as dental officer there were four medical officers.  The 175 men are all lined up in their barracks and stripped down to the skin except for shoes and stockings. One doctor examines the throat, another the chest, another gives a "short arm" inspection and a fourth checks for rupture.  I walk around with a flashlight and look in each mouth as I go by.  If a man doesn't have enough teeth for chewing, I am supposed to pull him out of the "draft" until he is rehabilitated.  I passed them all. It took me about eight minutes to make the inspection. I got credit for 175 oral examinations. That's the Navy.
     Nothing more my Sweet.  Keep your chin up.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Corpsman Cleans Teeth

Wednesday 8 March 1944, 1530 o'clock
Dear Eleanor,
     And another busy day.  I did twenty fillings and a treatment.  I got tired and put my corpsman to work cleaning teeth.  As long as my chair is in use I can take it easy.
     Nothing panned out on the ad I ran. Guess I'll run another for the rest of this week and see what happens.
     Another man, Dr. Matson, who had been here six months got orders to go to Port (I don't know how to spell it) at Oxnard for duty with the Sea Bees.  Things seem to be moving right along.
     Was wakened last night a little after midnight by some dope who had been suffering for three days and "just couldn't wait any longer." You see I stood watch at the clinic.  Earlier in the evening I went to the movies and saw "See Here Private Hargrove." A very amusing picture.
     Dr. Doughty is coming back with me Friday night so maybe we'll leave early.
     The "Padre" was in here trying to convert some of the boys and we had a lot of good natured kidding.
     Adios my Sweet until I phone you tonight.

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