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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our Little Gil

Saturday 15 January 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Goodfriend, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fink and Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Stern gave a farewell party honoring Gil.

The male guests were golf buddies and/or members of the Santa Monica B'nai B'rith Lodge. Attendees wrote the following messages on a "chain" card.

"Sundays will be awfully quiet without you.
Sam and Lee"

"You don't know how happily we'll be at the golf course without you.
don't you believe it
Good Luck (in mirror image writing)"

"Oh that 19th Hole.  It will not be the sauce without your good stories, (sometimes not so good)
Your golf partner,

"Dear Gil,
Good Luck and Smooth Sailing Back Home

"Our little Gil, May you soon grow up to be a big Commander

"Here's hoping a 1 1/2 stripper gets to wear 4 on his sleeve soon."

"Gil P.P.
V is for Victory  I know that as soon as you get to San Diego and Hitler gets one look at you the war will be over.  Good Luck
Jean and Herman"

"Hi Keed--Don't worry about Eleanor--what's left here will never harm her--they're either too young or too old--

"Listen Captain:
Just send her weak ends to me

"Gil (j.g.) 
Go easy on the admiral's teeth and maybe you'll be an admiral some day.
Best of Luck

"Will miss you, Gil, and hope you'll be back very very soon.

"Gilbert--Past President of Santa Monica B'nai B'rith.  I repeat--Sorry to see you go but will look for your return as soon as possible. 
Harry Aronoff"

"To the J.G. Lt. Steingart (remember J.G. Steingart now and soon it will be Commander Steingart.) Just don't ever high hat.

Ruby Goodfriend"

"Good Luck Gil

Ruby & Martin"

"Dear Gil, Sir,

The U.S.M.C. salutes you on your entrance into the Naval Service.  May you always sail on stout ships and remain slender about the naval.  Good luck.

Farewell Party Invitation

 "Chain" Greeting Card