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Monday, March 13, 2017

Looked for Ship

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisico
Friday 29 June 1945, 9:45 PM
Dearest Sweets,
     How are you tonight? I do hope you've gotten over your blue spell and are smiling again.
     I worked all morning. But my usual routine changed with the mail. I only received the National Jewish Monthly. No letters. Guess I'm getting spoiled. 
     I had another disappointment this afternoon. I got hold of a boat to go out to see Sol. We looked for his ship for two hours; the last hour was in the rain. I returned to the Ocelot wet and disgusted. His ship was to be here until the first, but instead it sailed this morning. I think back to the states. Oh well I did see Sol for a few minutes on Tuesday. Maybe our paths will cross again soon.
     Seeing as I was drenched to the skin I drank a hot cup of coffee and went to my room to change into dry clothes. I showered and found I still had an hour before chow, so I censored some mail and began another book, "Strange Woman" by Ben Ames Williams. I didn't get very far but it is interesting.
     After dinner we had our usual game of cribbage and then went to the movies. We had "Cabin in the Sky" and though I'd seen it before, twice I think, I still enjoyed the music in it a lot. Now here I am.
     I wrapped the bracelet that I made for Ethyl and will send it off in the morning. Outside of that there is nothing else to tell. No news--good, bad or indifferent.
     Goodnight my Darling. Please keep that chin up for me Sweet. Soon this bad dream will be over and we'll be together again.
     In the meantime I'll see you in my dreams and be with you in my thoughts.
Loving you always,