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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wisdom Tooth

Thursday 16 March 1944, 1730
Dear Eleanor,
     What a day.  Nice and hot and lots of work.  So far this month I'm top man for work done and if I wanted to I could even do a lot more.  I removed a wisdom tooth that was embedded and showed the doctor in surgery a couple of new twists.  It was really slick even if I say so myself.  
     Nothing new about a house but I'm still hoping. I expect to leave early tomorrow so I should be home early. I hope Norma is better now.  It's a shame that she had to come down with such a bad cold. However Linda seems to have a lot more resistance than she used to have and that's a consolation.
     Going to a movie tonight and turn in early again.  Been a real good boy this week and haven't gone into town at all. After all this rest I should be raring to go this weekend and I hope so are you.
     Love to the kiddies.  I'll be giving you mine personally tomorrow evening.  As ever
Your diddler,