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Sunday, September 13, 2015

No Movies

 Tuesday 14 August 1944, At Sea
     As I sit down to write I find that all I can say is a repetition of what I have said in my earlier letters.  Work, eat, and sleep, with a little recreation in the way checkers, gin rummy, acey ducey, and walking around the deck is a good summary of my daily routine.
     I was a little busier in my office today and saw eight patients.  I also spent about an hour finishing up the cataloging the books in the ship's library.
     Finished a murder mystery last night and am beginning another today.  Movies are not shown at sea as a matter of security.  In case of an emergency it is felt that all the men aboard should not be congregated in one portion of the ship--so no movies.
     It is now almost time for supper so I'm going to shower and change shirts as I've done lots of sweating today.
          I'll see you in my dreams.

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