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Monday, October 5, 2015

Mail Delivery

Friday 25 August 1944, 4:30 PM
Hello Sweetheart,
     Here I am again. What did I do the last night in Diego? Well we met at the Playroom of the Grant and drank until 11:30 and then some Chinese food and back to the ship. This, being my second letter to you today, makes an average of one a day since we shoved off. Be patient and you'll probably receive them all. I received some postmarked August 17 and 18 before others dated a week prior. You just can't tell about mail nowadays.
    Darling as soon as I know anything that I can tell you I will. In the meantime be patient. Had quite a busy day today doing dentistry but nothing more to write about. I'll send those gifts along as soon as possible. When you are on a ship, any item that tells where you are can't be mailed until after you've left--so they'll be mailed the day we leave.
     Missing my three girls more and more every day. I am

Your husband