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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Work and Chow

Wednesday 1 November 1944, 10:55 PM
Dearest Sweet,
     How is my love tonight? Are our two darlings behaving or shall I give you a hand? Gee I wish I could. It would be fun to get Linda and Norma ready for bed. I'd undress both of them tonight with the greatest of pleasures even with my blues on. And then after they were comfortably tucked in you and I would have a "late" on the studio couch. Nice dreaming anyway.
     Well darling today consisted of the same sixes and sevens. Work and chow and work and more chow. I haven't weighed lately so I'll check myself in the morning.
     There were many clouds in the sky today and all day it looked like rain but so far no such luck. If it did rain, I'd promised myself to strip down and just sit out on deck and cool off. However there is a nice breeze blowing now and it has been blowing for the past several hours and believe me I sat out there and enjoyed every moment of it. It'll probably rain but I guess not until after I've turned in.
     Darling, do you remember our honeymoon at Lake Arrowhead? My but it was hot! Remember how we pushed the bed so that it was almost hanging out of the window to get an extra breath of air. Sweet if you and I were there now I wouldn't care how hot it was. Let's go back after the war. Is it a date?
     Good night honey. I do feel extra loving tonight so how about a big hug and kiss and right now, not later. Thank you dear, that was swell.

Eleanor and Gil at Lake Arrowhead on their honeymoon