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Saturday, July 16, 2016


  Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, FPO San Francisco
Sunday 4 February 1945, 7:20 PM
Dearest Eleanor
     Happy days! Got nine letters today, all from you except one which was from your mother. This being Sunday, I had services arranged on board so that took up my morning.
     I did see several patients this afternoon but really I didn't overwork. Since last night we've had two appendectomies and a third scheduled for tonight at 10:00 PM. I'll probably go to the movie and then attend the "opening." The movie tonight is the "Falcon Comes to Hollywood" and I hope it's interesting.
     Sweet, those snaps are swell but I have two complaints. First, no picture of you and second, only one of Linda. Norma is simply adorable and I had an overwhelming desire to have her here so I could cuddle her in my arms. Imagine how a picture of you would affect me.
     Sorry about your unpleasant evening at the "G's." However please don't let all those little things get you. Really it isn't worthwhile. Sounds like the affair at the Brentwood was quite swanky even if oversold.
     I do hope Dave does make warrant officer but I doubt that he'll go through officers training. The Marine Corps training is extremely rugged but then who can tell.
     Send Sadie her camera. Colored snaps can be taken with a miniature camera and enlarged. Probably the cost is no more than the way we have been getting our colored pictures.
     For a while you seemed so busy and in such a better frame of mind that my mind was relieved. Now you are drifting back and letting everything get you down. Snap out of it Sweet, you owe it to yourself and our girls.
     Saw "Together Again" recently. Glad you enjoyed it.  
     The four months began Jan 1 and ends April 30. I still think we should buy another $1000 bond. The income tax for 1944 won't be much over $100. A series "G" bond can always be cashed in. Beside checking accounts don't produce any interest and every bit extra help. I'm going to the movie now and will finish later.
10:15 PM
     Back again honey. The Falcon movie was pretty good and took up two hours of my time.
     The records I got were those of the kids wishing me a happy birthday. The papers you sent were just what I was looking for. Now my file is complete.
     One minute you tell me how important money is and the next you tell me about nursery school at $5 a week. Make up your mind, gal. That is better than $20 a month that could well be saved. Anyway I expect to be home by fall and we'll discuss it further.
     Still getting calls to teach, I see. Well I hope you aren't doing too much. Seems to me you were happier when you were getting out more with your friends, however you know best.
     Commuting from Long Beach is a small problem. Thousands who are employed in war production plants do it every day. Leon is all wet as usual!
     Wish I could tell you about the beach around here but I really can't so please don't ask. Anything I can say I will, you know that.
     Talking about something to send the other night we were talking about kosher dill pickles and imported salami. How about that? Think you could send me some? I could really go for one of our nite-nite snacks right now.
     I see with Linda something new has been added. What's causing her nervousness? Find out if you can. After all there is little I can suggest so far away. She looks thin in the snap. Maybe a tonic or some Vitamin B would help. Have her checked and find out. However I'm sure that the change you are planning will help a lot. Do you remember how well she ate at Catalina and Arrowhead? I won't worry because I know you'll do what is necessary.
     So much for the mail. Sweet do you remember when you, Linda, and I rented the pony and wagon in Catalina? Didn't we have fun? Didn't we have fun? Didn't we always? Well we will again.
     I'm signing off now. Good night my love, my one and only darling wife.

Dave Gindoff, Marine
Gil's brother-in-law