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Friday, July 1, 2016


Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday 25 January 1945, 10:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Hello Sweetheart, I hit the jackpot again today, eighteen letters all at once. They were all from you Sweet, except for one from your mother and mine and a thank note from one of my patients with thanks for the Xmas card. Your mail was marked, 11, 12, 14, 16, and 18 of January. I still don't know whether that package you got, but didn't open because the kids were still awake, was the one with the books. Guess there are still some letters written on the 13th or 14th I haven't gotten, maybe tomorrow.
     Today was a busy day. I worked all morning and this afternoon too, until 3:15 PM. Then I went to my room and read from "Forever Amber" for awhile. Censored some mail, showered and dressed for dinner. After dinner we stood around on deck and talked. Then I wrote a letter to the "Fearless Five." By then it was time for the movies so I went. We had "And Now Tomorrow" with Allan Ladd and Loretta Young and here I am.
     Now to your mail. Sounds like Marty will put over that Center. There should be plenty of money around and he'll get it.
     I'm really happy to hear that you are getting out and having a little fun. That makes everything much easier to bear.
     Well dear the scuttlebutt is not so good now. This time it's June but I do hope that it's wrong. Anyway I'm still hopeful.
     Spanish mackerel is a good eating fish and someday I'll take you and our girls fishing. That was a sweet card you sent me on my birthday dear and I miss you too.
     It is funny about Hy Kaplan. In the mail today I got a V-mail dated September 8 from my mother. It was written for her by Norma Clark and properly addressed. However the address was crossed out and indications of numerous searches of the file are recorded on the envelope. Here's hoping for the best.
Looks like your teaching is holding up OK. After all two or three times a week is enough time for you to put in. That gives you plenty of time to shop, take care of the house, and still not be too tired to go out for an evening.
     Alexander is not the same corpsman I had in San Diego. It's just a coincidence of similar names.
     The chains you sent are both too short and too heavy for a necklaces. If you can find longer ones send them on. I'll work out the heavy part. Soon you should have the two necklaces that I made for the kids and you'll see what I mean.
     Yes dear, our food is always as good as the menus indicate. As a matter of fact the Ocelot has the reputation of being the best eating ship in this area and that covers a lot of water.
     The upper bunk in my room is empty now. The new ensign moved into recently vacated quarters with two other officers. Orders are still expected for two or three officers within the next thirty days.
     The pineapple story is interesting and new to me. The Dole plant was very interesting. I thought the censors cut my recount out of my letter to you. Yes dear, we have a date to go back to Hawaii on our fifteenth anniversary.
     By the way, in the next package you send, throw in a few dime store earrings. Have them heavy enough to hold a shell. You'll be able to tell the size when you get the necklaces I sent on.
     Saw "Summer Storm" some time ago. I enjoyed it a lot. You mention something about Belle Hirsch's sister going to the dentist but I couldn't make out your writing.
If the phone calls persist you might report it to the police. It may be some youngster or it could be some guy calling Betty and hanging up when you answer. But one can never tell.
     That sailor boy made a lot of guesses but he is way off the track. Don't you worry about me Honey.
     Darling some of my "remembers" seem so far away and long ago. Do you remember when I took on the Professional Bureau and you were provoked at my spending the $50 plus $17.50 per month? After this is over I'll go back and pay them twice that fee if necessary and I bet you'll be their biggest rooter.
     I'm really all washed up now Sweet, so good night and pleasant dreams.


U.S.S. Ocelot

Norma Clark with Sam Kahn in front of his store on the Ocean Front in Venice, California