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Friday, July 24, 2015

Get Rid of Gas Coupons

Wednesday 29 March 1944, 1110 o'clock
Dear Eleanor,
     How are you this morning?  I'm just taking it easy.  Hope it is nice and quiet Saturday, then I'll be able to get away real early.  I'm going to met Deb and Dave in Oceanside and leave the Plymouth there.  Dave is going to drive their car this week.
     Went to the meeting last night and then we had a few drinks.  I really felt like celebrating now that we have a place in Diego. I'm going down at noon today to make a deposit and thus make the cheese more binding.
     We had dinner at the Saddlerock Grill last night instead of the $2.25 dinner at the meeting.  A nice big salad with sliced chicken and salami. After dinner, walking down to the University Club I ran into Dr. and Mrs. Thorpe.  Her folks live here and they sponge on them every times she comes down.  Nice and convenient but I think we'll have a lot more fun as we'll be.
     Nothing much doing here outside of what I've already mentioned.  Don't make too many definite arrangements until we've had a chance to talk things over this weekend. Do you still want reservations at the hotel? Time for chow now. So 'til tomorrow.  
P.S. Get rid of these gas coupons I picked up.