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Monday, July 13, 2015

Letter from Bruce: Army Doctor

March 11, 1944
Dear Gil--
     It was a pleasant surprise to receive your letter today.  As you will recall, it was written over a month ago--and God knows when you'll receive this answer--but the reply is being penned with 2 hours of receipt.
     As you see  by the heading, and as you no doubt have heard by this time, I'm quite a distance from Santa Monica.  However the trip here and knocking around a new country has been quite a pleasant experience. The medicine I've practiced so far has been negligible, but I honestly enjoy my work--particularly being out in the field.  I'm with an artillery outfit, so it's not so rugged as the infantry. The men and officers are of a higher caliber than one finds in the infantry, so my associations are rather pleasant.
     I've been to London, and took in Westminster Abbey, Parliament, 10 Downing Street and other such places--as well as being practically knocked down (or up?) by the "Piccadilly Commandos."  Those girls can really walk.  The English countryside is very picturesque, and is, without a doubt, the outstanding feature of England.
     Despite the above pleasantries, our only thought is to get the war over with and go home.  That is the attitude of everyone, regardless of how blood thirsty he may be.  We're all quite optimistic and look for a termination on this side, at least, not too long from now.
     As you probably know, Dave and I had A "misunderstanding" last fall, so I hear of him only by rather circuitous routes.  I assume that he's still stationed near San Diego, so you have a chance to get together fairly often.  Also heard that Leon was back in those parts, so it must be a family reunion.  I honestly intended to write to him, but, in the process of moving, misplaced his address.
     Thanks again for your letter--you have no idea how we welcome mail from home--I would like very much to hear from you again.  My best to Eleanor and the children--and hope your set up continues to be as pleasant as it seems.
Best Regards,

Photo of Leon--Bruce had misplaced his address.