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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tokyo Rose

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O San Francisco
Wednesday 15 November 1944, 6:30 PM
Dearest Sweetheart,
     Hello honey, here I am again. After missing yesterday I got twelve letters today, one from your mother, one from Libby and the rest from you. It evidently takes about

days for an airmail letter to reach me so it you have to know something in a hurry you'll have to use your own judgment.
     I wouldn't worry about money. Where I am now there is very little to spend on. As a matter of fact I didn't draw any money on the first and none today and I still have $50 cash on me.
     I missed "Mr. Winkle Goes to War." It was shown onboard one night when I was on liberty. Last night, by the way, we had "Shadow of a Doubt" with Theresa Wright and Joseph Cotton. About half way through the showing we had a regular cloudburst and although we were all soaked to the skin we saw the picture through to the end. Tonight we have "Someone to Remember." The featured players are all unknown to me, but it has a high amusement rating so here's hoping.
     From your letters it sounds that you are finding plenty of things to do to take up your time and I'm glad. Being occupied makes the time go so much faster.
     Do I remember that "pencil?" Wait until I get back, will you be surprised! "Esquire" is still going through the mail. I don't believe it was ever actually stopped. That is one magazine I'll really enjoy receiving. By the way I did receive an Evening Outlook just the same as you sent several weeks ago so I guess they have my new address. I also received the American Dental Association Journal. I'm sure that now all my mail will soon catch up with me.
     Talking about records, they are the only dependable entertainment we have. We do get rebroadcasts of radio programs; sometimes they are good, but most of the time there is too much static. We do get "Tokyo Rose" often. To hear them we've practically lost the war. These broadcasts are meant for American consumption and it makes one wonder at the intelligence of the Japanese propaganda directors. We all listen to it just for the fun and discount all their claims about 100%. Besides the above reading, checkers and a game of cribbage make up the entertainment and recreation I indulge in now.
     Sorry you had car trouble. Yes the battery was a new one purchased when the car was painted. It had a thirty month guarantee by Western Auto. The date is stamped into the metal on the battery but I suppose it is too late now to do anything.
     It rains here almost every day but not for long--thank god. I'm getting used to the heat and until now had forgotten about it completely.
     Soon you'll receive the other package I sent. There are a few items there I know you'll like. The dolls were purchased through the Army Exchange Service and will be delivered just before Xmas. They are also going to bring you something for your birthday, but I won't say what it is.
     Well darling, I'm just about run out. I've been doing quite a bit of work and am meeting many new faces and making new acquaintances. I do believe my work is appreciated and I do treat every enlisted man and officers with as much consideration as I would if he were my patient in private practice. Believe me after some of their past experiences they do know the difference.
     I enjoyed the quotation and wish I could reciprocate with another to tell you the love I have for you in my heart. However having no references to go to I'll just say I love you more than ever before (if that is possible) and we'll make up for all we are missing now.
     Sweet, do you remember how we would start out downtown on Saturday morning with all our family to visit and shop? That's the way our family always will be--together. We'll always enjoy all our little pleasures and big ones too!
     That is all for now dearest. Goodnight and pleasant dreams many x's and hugs and exclamation points.

The Buick's red paint had oxidized, so the car was repainted green at Earl Scheib.