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Sunday, December 20, 2015


Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 4 October 1944 9:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Had liberty today, but didn't do much. As a matter of fact, I stayed aboard for lunch and it was past one before Ambie and I finally shoved off. We stopped at a music store and bought a book of songs. Then we stopped for a couple of beers and sat around in a hotel court just relaxing. Caught a bus and got back in time for dinner. After dinner, I broke out the song book, Ambie got the accordion and several of the officers joined us. We sang and played until movie time. The movie was "Atlantic City" with Constance Moore, Jerry Colona and a lot of old timers. The picture had much entertainment value but for some reason didn't click. I personally believe the continuity was lousy.
     After the picture, I went to my present quarters and found a letter from you. You sound quite busy but the tone of the letter shows that you have more or less gotten over that "Tante" deal. I hope you'll have better luck with help next time.
     I finished reading Louis Bromfield's "The Green Bay Tree." It is really a woman's book but it was laying around so I picked it up and before I knew it, I was so far into it that I decided to finish it. I expect to do a lot more reading once we get underway.
     Well Sweetheart, I'm going to end this letter short for now and will finish in the morning. I love you darling and I'll be so proud of my wife and girls when I get back. Good night, hone. Will be with you again in the morning.

Thursday 5 October 1944, 8:30 AM
     Good morning, Sweetheart. Nothing new since last night. I haven't seen the morning mail, and I'm in somewhat of a hurry. I ordered some recreational gear, and I'll have a jeep available in a few moments to go to pick the stuff up. I still have to shave, so I must close quickly to be sure this goes off in the next batch of mail.
     I've ordered dolls for Norma and Linda and they should receive them for Xmas. I've been looking for a silver charm bracelet, but they all seem to have local items in miniature on them, so those are out. I'll continue looking something may turn up.
     Honey, do you remember how surprised you were when you got your silver fox neckpiece? Well darling, there are many surprises in store for you, but you'll have to be patient until they come.
     I'll sign off and dash now.
Loving you always