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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fruit Salad Pin

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
29 September 1944, 10:10 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Another day closer to when we'll be together again. A very uneventful day.
     Had my usual juice and coffee for breakfast. Then worked for about two hours. I've arranged another beach party for the crew and that took up the rest of the morning.
     Also, Jim called this morning. He is driving over to have lunch aboard with me tomorrow. After lunch I had a little more work and then mail to read. A card from my mother, a couple of letters from you and the September Journal of the Southern California State Dental Association. After I finished reading, I had my hair cut, showered and got ready for dinner. Then I sat around on the fo'castle listening to some more recordings of radio programs made for broadcast overseas. The records play for half an hour and are just as good as the original program. Then movies, "The Merry Monahans," with Donald O'Connor, Peggy Ryan and Jack Okie. Very good entertainment--see it when you can. After the movie we visited for awhile on deck and then--here I am.
     You mention Mike's visit. I dropped him a line about 10 days ago. Maybe that helped. Anyway I'm glad you're able to get along and don't have to walk or ride buses. Anything that is lost in moving should be claimed for. Notify Al and let him worry about it. That is why we pay those premiums. Make a claim for the movies and glasses along with the rest. By the way did you ever get that last roll of movie film back?
     I am drawing $118 a month. When I'm at sea, $35-40 will be all I'll need. However situated the way I have been here, money just goes. Been having liberty every other day and a drink here, a cab there, and meals beside and--not enough money especially after a few shopping tours. Figure it out for yourself. Dear, a "fruit salad" pin is a must on my next shopping tour. You may wear it and when I want to wear one I'll get another. Don't worry about Dr. White and his bill, although you might suggest paying him, he'll say no. Then go out and buy him something nice. I'm sure it will be OK. That charm bracelet you mention runs into money out here, but I'll look around and see what I can do. A couple of dolls are on my Xmas list as of now. Enough for now. I'll be with you again in the morning. Good night, dearest.

Saturday 30 August 1944, 8:30 AM
     Good morning, Sweetheart. Didn't sleep well last night. Some men working on the ship made a lot of noise and woke most of the officers up. Then those mosquitoes decided they had left me alone long enough and went to work. I've several beauties--not mosquitoes--bites.
     Nothing new since last night. Do you remember how you used to make lunch and bring it up to the office and have a bite with me? Seems so long ago. After the war we'll have lunch together often, won't we dear, and you won't need to bring it up. That is all for now, will be with you again tonight.

Loving you as ever
P.S. Regarding Mrs. Numma, I advised against having her teeth extracted and she went somewhere else to have it done. Then she came to me to make her a new set of dentures; the others didn't fit (?) Unless you know her you wouldn't understand the problem. However, dear, before communicating with patients in the future regarding any complaints, let me know first if possible.

A Fruit Salad Pin