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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Better Be Ready

Thursday 3 February 1944
 1730 o'clock
Dear Eleanor,
     Another busy day.  I'm a little tired now.  Orders came in for a number of the corpsmen.  A whole group is leaving Saturday morning for Farragut, Idaho.
     Received the picture you sent and was a little disappointed in the way Linda looks. It's not at all like her.  She really sounded like quite a lady over the phone last night.
     Last night I had a very good dinner and a few drinks.  Got in by 11:30.
     At noon today I went downtown and placed an ad in the paper for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The charge is $5.25 for both the morning and evening editions on Friday and Saturday and once in the Sunday paper.
     When I got back I got a phone call from a lady friend of Leon.  She wanted a ride to Long Beach and back, but I have no room.
     Big surprise.  After dinner I came back to write and found a letter from Libby. Guess she thought better of my letter to her because she says she is sending Mother money regularly.
     Nothing else to talk about except to say you'd better be ready this weekend.

Photo of Leon
He probably tinted the photo himself.