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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Food Problem Acute

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, FPO San Francisco
Wednesday 4 April 1945, 7:15 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Here is your hard working husband again. Spent the morning and early part of the afternoon with patients. Until 4:30 I worked up the monthly mess statement. Everything is all balanced and out of the way for another month.
     Then I took the book " Burma Surgeon" went up on the poop deck and got the sun until 5:15. After a refreshing shower, I censored some mail and dressed for dinner. Following dinner I collected the mess bills from the officers and now here I am.
     Thirteen is my lucky number. That is how many pieces of mail I got today. I got seven letters from you, an Easter card from Norma and you, a letter from your mother, a card from mine and a letter from Leon and one from Ambie.
     Ambie is at the St. Albans Hospital in Long Island. He will be there for four to six weeks but actually will be home all of that time. All he has to do is put in an appearance Saturday morning for Captain's Inspection and his home is only 1 1/2 hours from there so he goes home. He says the reason he didn't say much to you was because you were talking over a phone. Suggest you write him at the hospital.
     Now your mail. They must not be too hard up for teachers if they let Mrs. Olsen go. Was she extra "lousy?" Anyway no need to worry, you could always make the grade but will never need to.
     I'm glad that Linda's throat is better and hope soon to hear that there is nothing wrong with her eyes either. Gee I wish I were home so you would have me to share your worries and other things too.
     That Arrowhead deal doesn't sound so hot. Be sure if you do take a place it is comfortable and close to the village.
     I would like "Earth and High Heaven" but I hate to see you spend the dough. As you please dear. Guess I'll get it by return mail!
     I'm well rid of my rash. The sun is the best remedy for it.
     The food problem must be acute. They've even ask us out here to cut down.
     Did you finally get to see "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay?" It is very amusing and I hope you did see it finally.
     I'm not worried about competition. I'll let Earl B join all the organizations but I'm planning to make new contacts that he can't have access to.
     It's time for the movie so I'll shove off now and finish afterwards. Don't go away!

9:45 PM
     Hello Dear, still with me? Just got back from the movie we had Deanna Durbin in "Must Keep Singing" and though she sings though the whole movie, I thought it was rather poor.
     Now back to your letters. The Navy must be pretty short on medical officers. Dr. Travis only had two months of stateside duty before he was shipped out. He is from Minnesota. We have an extra doctor aboard on temporary duty. He had one month in San Diego before he was sent out. He's married to a Venice girl by the name of Ferguson. However he practiced in Arizona and his family (wife and three kiddies) are now in Frisco. His name is Dr. Law. So you see it is possible that Jim will ship out soon. I'm glad that the dental officer problem is not so acute.
     By the way, the last time I was ashore I ran into a Dr. Love (dentist) who was in Diego the same time I was and reported aboard a carrier in September. He is an Los Angeles man.
     The photos of the kids are swell, but I'm still looking for a few snaps of you.
     Yes I remember Greenfield quite well. What is he doing now, do you know? Sorry you didn't feel so good when you went out with Marty and Ruby. We haven't had "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" but should soon.
     I'm glad my mail is coming through fast and regular. Wish the same was true at this end but it isn't. It's very sporadic as you can tell from my letters.
     Of course I mean Kosher dills. We have plenty of the others aboard.
     I'll give you the word when to close out the Diego account. As I explained in a previous letter, I've already arranged for the check to go to Santa Monica. We must be sure that the change has gone through before we do close the account in question.
     The bonds I've recommended come in $100, $500, and $1,000 denominations, so you can buy less if you think a larger purchase will run you a little short.
     That's a date for our 15th. Anyplace you say, just as long as we're together. Darling. I've already sent you a $100 money order for Linda so do it up nice for me.
     Your guess about us and the shots was correct but the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. We "ain't" going anyplace for a while yet.
     Your day at Ruth's sounds like a real nut house. However it always was so why expect any different. Your mother sure puts up with a lot, too. God only knows why.
     Course I mind if you cry awhile. Save those pretty eyes and keep them sparkling just for me. Besides crying never corrected anything, but then I'm not a woman. Maybe I'd do the same if I were. Well OK then have your little cry and then wipe your eyes and smile, please. That's better. Just the way I like it. Now don't change.
     I've rattled along enough dear so I'll sign off. Good night, Sweet I'll see you tomorrow.

P.S. Forward the enclosed questionnaire, dear. It's taken a long time to reach me and may not do Ross any good but anyway send it on. Bye again Honey.

Sugar ration stamps were not used aboard ship