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Monday, November 23, 2015

Income Tax


Lt(jg) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Franscisco
Wednesday 20 September 1944
Dearest Eleanor,
     Just got back from liberty and found two letters from you. Got one from you this morning and also one from Linda. About gifts. I've purchased three books for Linda, a woven bag and coin purse for you and a charm bracelet. There are several reasons for my not buying a lot of gifts. First, they are mostly made in the U.S. and terribly overpriced even at ship service. Second the amount of money I draw won't go very far and I can't cash a check because I'm on a ship. I don't know what a fruit salad pin is but I'll find out. Jimmy is too far away to get together with and his liberty days and mine never seem to fall on the same day. Send me a $100 money order and I'll go to town. I'll select items and send them in one package and you can distribute same to members of family as you see fit. I bought some hankies. They as well as several items can't be sent by me until we leave here. I'll see what I can arrange. I still haven't heard from you about a watch for your birthday.
     Regarding the bank statement I can make two suggestions. Either a phone call or a letter sent by the local branch of the Bank of America under Mr. Lamb's signature might speed things up. The present balance is approximately $2750.00. It may be that the August statement has been forwarded to me since I wasn't in San Diego to receive it. It should catch up to me soon if that is the case.
     I got a New Year greeting from Manny and Etta and dropped them a note. I haven't heard from Deb and Dave in some time and answered Dave's last letter. You'd better check with Dave about filing a form to delay paying any income tax until I get back to the states. Go ahead and get your coat fixed. Of course I don't mind. I just wish I could say go ahead and buy a new one. We have the money but we'll be able to spend it and get more pleasure and satisfaction later when we are together. Go on a shopping spree, dear, and have as much fun as you can. Watch out for those hats though; you know me.
     Sweetheart as much as I don't like to say it Xmas will be a very lonesome day for me. I'm depending on you, though, to see the kids don't miss out.
     Nothing much to tell about my liberty today and we returned to the ship in time for supper. The movie tonight was "Falcon in Mexico." Not too good but still not at all bad as far as entertainment goes.
     Darling do you remember the picnics we went on in Ojai Valley. After the war you and I and our girls, too, are going there to enjoy a quiet day together. I wish I knew what to send for Norma. Can you make a suggestion?
     Good night my Sweet. I'll see you in my dreams.

P.S. Saw the proofs of my photos today and was greatly disappointed. So I only ordered three. Am going to try one of the quickie joints. I might be lucky and get a good one.

Example of a Fruit Salad Pin