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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mental Telepathy

Tuesday 19 September 1944, 8:25 AM
Good Morning Sweetheart,
     I never believed in mental telepathy but I do now. Either Sunday or yesterday I recalled our visit with Belle and Charlie. In the letter that I received from you yesterday you did the same. On my liberty yesterday I went to a bookstore looking for something suitable for Linda and saw those books you mentioned in the same letter. However I hadn't seen the letter until I returned. There must be something to this telepathy.
     Worked all morning yesterday. Had lunch aboard and then went on liberty. Stopped at the Chaplain's Office to locate Wally and Al. Wally is nowheres near here. Al is at a station some distance from the base but I'll arrange to see him soon. Then I went and had some pictures taken. Will see the proofs on Wednesday (tomorrow) and then will wait a week for the finished photo. Then I did the shopping I mentioned. By that time I was pretty warm so I went to the beach and had a cold drink. As I walked into one of the hotels another familiar face greeted me. You may remember the name, but I've forgotten. But you must remember the officer who lived around the corner at Diego with whom I tried to get together and share rides to the base when my schedule was changed. Well he just arrived on the 14th and was on his first liberty. He will be based here and seemed quite lonesome and lost.
     I hope Linda's stomach is completely settled now. If she has another spell take her to Harry Sieger's and have him check her over. Dear, don't worry about Leon's ideas. Though we are going places alright, our ship won't arrive until it is quite safe. I can't tell you why but believe me I know.
     Have to go to work now. Will write again this evening after the movie. By the way, saw Henry Aldrich in "Henry's Little Secret" last night. Very funny and refreshing. See it. Bye my sweet. Do you remember us and the Weinsteins at Arrowhead one afternoon in our cabin? After the war let's go back, but alone. I love you dear.

Your husband
Lt. (j.g.) G. Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot
F.P.O San Francisco