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Monday, November 30, 2015

Quite Safe

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Saturday 23 September 1944, 9:50 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Came out of the movie a few moments ago and here we are together for a few moments anyway. The picture was Phil Baker in "Take It or Leave It." Very little story to it but very good entertainment value. See it and it'll give you a lift.
     Sweet, you must face it. I won't be home for a long while but really I'll be quite safe. I can't tell you what our ship is going to do but believe me we'll be as safe as we have been up to now.
     I wrote to Sieger and White several days ago but haven't written to the Vaneteks because I've been hoping to see Al and then I plan to write.
     I'm worried about Norma. I do wish you would call the doctor immediately when the kids get sick instead of waiting to see. You know how nice Harry is and I'm sure he'll be glad to do what he can.
     Glad to hear the party was at least a little pleasant for you. I know how much you dreaded going and I'm really glad it was at it was. Just goes to show you must go wherever there are people. Honey, if you stay at home and wait for a call everyone will forget about you. That is the way people are. "Out of sight out of mind" (all except you and I). Talking about the food you had reminds me. I've been watching my diet and have lost about eight pounds. Am trying to lose eight more and with this hot weather we are having it should be easy--no appetite.
     As long as you've been having trouble with your periods again why don't you consult Harry about that too. I hope you are not neglecting yourself. I remember when you were plenty thin and I also remember that you didn't feel as well as you did as when you were around 128 pounds. I don't like my women thin and you know it so young lady don't lose too much.
     I wrote about Rosh Hashanah Eve. The next day I was getting ready to go to the service and had couple of emergency extractions. By the time I was through it was too late so I just skipped it.
     I don't know whether the Captain will go to the Yom Kippur service, but the executive officer and I have already made plans to go to Kol Nidre.
     My new quarters will probably not be as roomy as they were but I think they'll be cooler and believe me out here that is important. As for Jim Frug, don't think he'll be home so soon. I bet it'll be another six months before he is transferred back to the states. At least that seems to be his opinion and he ought to know.
     I am worried about Norma and am looking for tomorrow's letter with anxiety. And please dear again I say take care of yourself. I don't like the tone of you letters. Sound that you are just letting go and you mustn't for your sake and our girls. Please reassure me in your next letter.
     Do you remember how upset you were when we had to leave the El Dorado and you thought we couldn't find another apartment? Well everything tuned out OK didn't it? After the war when I am settled in private practice we'll be planning our new home with all the things we've always wanted. As usual we won't listen to anyone and we won't be sorry.
     It's 10:20 PM now and it's time I turned in. Good night my Sweetheart, please take better care of yourself and don't worry about me. I'll be OK. I love you dear.
Your anxious

Picture from Party Eleanor Attended