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Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Quarters

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Sunday 15 October 1944, 7:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Hello darling. I hit the jackpot again today, four letters from you, one from Deb and one from the Bergmans. This has been a hot, sultry, very busy day. After lunch I had my gear moved into my new quarters but it will take a couple of days, probably, before I get everything squared away.
     About 3:00 PM today it began to rain and has continued on and off for the past four hours. It was a nice gentle rain and I stood out in it just trying to cool off.
     Because of
on there won't be any movie tonight which is the reason for my writing a couple of hours earlier than usual. I have all your letters in chronological order and will try to answer all your questions as fully as possible. Some I've already answered a couple of times but will repeat where necessary.
     Dick's illness does sound serious. Maybe the Markowitzes have learned a lesson and will keep a close tab on Dick. I'm just as sick of male company as you are of female and I don't even know where I could find anyone to respond to overtures even if I wished it.
     Guess again darling. Mary was not right. She never could have been more wrong. I never wanted to leave and am just living for the day when I come back to you and our girls.
     I've received all the music you sent. (I believe). There were three separate envelopes. I really don't believe Leon will be able to enlighten you any. Tell him for me that he is a flag waver from way back.
     Honey I've bought many items with no one in particular in mind. Some I'll be able to send on and others
     When you get the box pick out what you want first and then pass the rest on as you see fit. There'll be several duplications.
     You are right in what you read between the lines. Wish I could explain more fully but that is impossible. Of course, dear, I don't expect you to be content with our present set up but still we can't change the situation, so we must make the best of it. It may not be any consolation but your load is lots easier than many, many service wives. However, let's not rehash that anymore.
     Yes dear, I have that list and will use it for Xmas greetings. Please send me Bruce's address though I don't think it will reach me in time.
     Gee, is Dutchy still ailing? It certainly has been a long time. I do try to vary my letters and then I forget to tell you something that I might write someone else. Then again some of our censors are rabid and will cut out anything that even reads suspicious even though no information is passed along. For example I wrote I was the only man on the ship with two navels and it was cut. (it better not be cut this time.)I followed: that if you couldn't figure it out I'd explain in my next letter. The explanation is simple. It's been so long since I've been with a woman that my "whozit" looks like a second navel, all shrunk up. That fling consisted of dinner and plenty of drinks. I didn't go to the U.S.O. show myself, hence no details. I don't believe there is a ban on records to service people. None of you mail is ever censored.
     Sweet t
     We still have the same number of officers, no change. The Doctor and I are all the officers in the Medical Department.
     Honey, do you remember the letters I used to write to you when you went to Philapdelphia many years ago.  Your "Impatiently Eleanor" reminded me of that.
     After this war I hope it'll never be necessary for me to write any letters to my only Sweetheart. I love you so that you'll never get away long enough for that.
     I've been writing for 45 minutes and it's time to sign off. Good night, Sweet, until tomorrow.