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Friday, January 29, 2016

Philippines Invaded

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francsco
Wednesday 18 October 1944, 10:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     After a busy morning, I had lunch and went on liberty. Began with a couple of beers at the Officers' Club and then took a bus down to the beach. Didn't do much. Browsed around in a couple of book stores and window shopped but really couldn't find a thing I wanted to buy. So after a couple of hours of looking, I returned to the ship and just in time for dinner.
     After dinner, Ambie, my new roommate Cox and I went over to visit a civilian couple living

They live in
similar to what we saw all over Southern California near all war production plants. The only difference is that the interior is finished much more attractively. This particular place was a studio duplex, the living and dining room and kitchen downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. They have two boys and have lived here
     We visited and hoisted a few and returned to the ship just a few moments ago with an invitation to come to a party Saturday night which I'm hoping
     No mail yet, but I'll bet I get a stack in the morning. So darling, until then, adios my Sweet and pleasant dreams.
Thursday 8:30 AM
Good Morning Sweetheart,
     Got three letters from you and one from your mother so now I've got something to work on. Was glad to read that you had gotten out and had a pleasant evening for a change. Why do you worry so much about money? Even if we run a little over our present income we can still hold out for a while. After the war I'll make up the difference, just wait and see.
     I'm not too surprised about Norma and her dancing lessons. After all she is still an infant and though I didn't want to say so, the $10.00 a month would have been just wasted. A year from now she'll still be plenty young to resume dancing.
     What happened to Dave's commission? I thought it was all set and now you tell me about he's getting ready to go overseas. Was that just another of his pipe dreams or what?
     I'm sure electric shaver will be satisfactory just hope it reaches us in a reasonable period of time. I will write to Edith this morning and see what can be done about a watch for you.
     The Pacific War is moving right along. I notice that now the Philippines have been invaded. I just caught the headline of a newspaper so I don't know any more about it as yet. However as soon as I'm through I'll read all about it.
     Honey, every day and every military action brings me closer to home. Time does drag but still it is almost three months since I reported aboard. Before you know it, my time out here will be up and I'll be on my way back.
     I must sign off now darling. Remember that I still love you always have and always will. Give my two girls a big kiss from their daddy.