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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Be Careful

11 January 1945
Dear Linda and Norma,
     Hello my darlings, here is your Daddy again. I got your real nice Xmas card Linda. Thank you.
     Linda honey, I've been worrying about you. I hear you aren't very careful about crossing streets or taking care of yourself or your things. I just sent you a real pretty necklace that I made for you. I'd feel very badly if anything happened to it. How about promising your Daddy to be real careful now of yourself, your things and your toys? Don't forget, I'm waiting for an answer.
     And you Norma, are you being a big help to Mommy? I'm sending you a necklace too, so do take care of it.
     Well kiddies that is all for now. Good night and don't forget to be real good girls.