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Sunday, September 11, 2016

5 Patients

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 6 March 1945, 7:10 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     I really worked this morning. I only saw five patients but the count for the morning was fourteen fillings and three extractions. Besides that there were a couple examinations and a denture adjustment thrown in.
     I hit the jackpot this morning. I got nine letters and a card from you, a card from Linda, and a letter from Ruth. I also got a snapshot album from the Goodfriends and a can of almond butter crunch from Deb and Dave. The album is very nice and covered with tan leather. The candy is delicious and is practically gone. Everyone enjoyed it.
     This afternoon I attended to my Mother's Day shopping. Saw two more patients and then got forty-five minutes of sun. After that I had my hair cut, returned to my room and censored some mail. By then it was 5:15 so I showered and dressed for dinner. After chow we enjoyed the cool breezes and the usual pretty sunset and here I am.
     Honey, I know you are busy and if you don't get a letter off right on time don't let it worry you. I still have the sweetest, truest, most loving wife of any man aboard and I will understand.
     I'm glad you enjoyed the ballet and it's a date for next season--just you and I.
It is swell about Deb and Dave. Whether it's an accident or intentional I know they'll be happier for it in years to come. Yes dear it is their show and none of your business anymore than it was theirs when you were infanticipating.
     Honey your outlook on life bothers me. You hate to see anyone happy or making money and seem to delight when upsetting things happen to others. I know they say "misery loves company," but you never were that way. When I come back I want you to be as I knew you, a lovely gal with a great big heart.          Please understand Dear that what I'm saying is not a reproval but rather that you were so much happier with your previous attitude. I won't say anymore about it, but please snap out of it.
     Unless he is very careful about the care of his feet, Dick's athlete's foot business will be recurring as long as he's in the Army. We have it aboard and it's a "bitch" to cure.
     I'm placing the bag and bracelets on my list. Hope we get to somewhere that I may be able to buy some more novelties.
     The donations to the center fund are very heartwarming. It is an important project and will do our community more good than any temple ever did or will. I'm just sorry that some of the diehards won't quit and continue to block any attempt to accomplish anything worthwhile.
     The movie tonight is "The Angels Sing," with McMurray, Dorothy Lamour and Betty Hutton. It's 4.0.
     I'm all run out for now so I'll sign off. Goodnight Sweetheart and pleasant dreams.

Snapshot album from the Goodfriends