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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Recreation Island

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 27 February 1945, 11:05 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Hello Honey, here I am again. Began today as usual with work and was hard at it all morning. After lunch a few of us went over to the recreation island for a few beers.
     There is a grove cleared and picnic tables are scattered throughout. Five of us sat down at one of the tables and played hearts all afternoon. Whenever we were due for another round the highest score player bought the beer. It was really a nice quiet restful afternoon.
     We got back to the ship just in time for dinner and after eating, low and behold there was another stack of mail for me on my bunk. There were seven letters, four from you, one from Deb, one from Ethyl and one from Joe Orenstein writing for the B'nai B'rith.
     We had a double feature movie tonight. One was "Vigilantes of Dodge City" and the other was "Sergeant Mike." The second feature had just begun when I was called down to sick bay. The doctor was doing an appendectomy under spinal but the patient was so scared that he wanted me to pour ether.
     We just finished a few minutes ago and will be doing another one in about twenty or thirty minutes.
     Now to your letters. They at dated he 5th through the 17th and the 19th. I don't know why you're afraid to buy more "G" bonds. They are negotiable, redeemable at any bank and bear interest. If you need money, it will always be available.
     You seem to be doing quite well with your teaching. Two or three days a week should help take up the financial slack and also keep you busy.
     Don't do anything about a lot. There will be plenty of time and lots later on and the prices won't be as high. You just wait and see.
     So Ruth has Gus Loeb to gush over now. My, my aren't you thrilled? Gus is a swell guy and I hope he doesn't get stuck with Goldie. He's pretty smart though so I won't worry about him.
     I've gotten many nice notes from patients. They seem to miss me a hell of a lot more than some of my friends (?).
     Yes dear we can play back 33-1/3 as well as 78 RPM records. Be sure they are cut deeper and play them back once on the regular turntable not the recording unit. That should help to fix the groove better.
     Wish we were someplace where I could buy some of the things you ask for. Outside of Navy, to all intents and purposes we could be in the middle of the Sahara. There isn't a damn thing I can say good about this place and there certainly isn't anything to be purchased as a souvenir. I'm still hoping those boxes will come through.
     Again I ask, send me the addresses of Sol and Art. If they are on a ship I may be able to see them if they come out here. I'm in a position where I can check on who is here.
     Send the salami but no "borsht" or "gefulte fish." Some nice sardines or anchovies would be good or even some caviar. See what I mean? OK Honey, go to work.
     Well my time is up. Do you remember when I'd go to the office at night and you'd wait for me first patiently and then not so patiently? Well I promise to spend all my evenings with you. No more night work for me once I'm back with my three girls--no mam.
     Good night sweetie, until tomorrow.


Recreation Island
Mog Mog, Ulithi

Playing Hearts and drinking beer

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