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Saturday, September 17, 2016

U.S. News

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Friday 9 March 1945, 7:10 PM
My Dearest,
     Hello Sweet, how are you tonight? Today has been an easy one for a change. Saw a few patients in the morning and had some broken appointments, so I wrote letters to Bob and Uncle Mike. Tomorrow I'll write Willie and several others that I owe letters to. By Sunday I should be all caught up.
     After lunch I got the sun for forty-five minutes and had just gotten comfortable in my room to censor some mail when I was called down to my office. I had three emergency patients from another ship and had to take care of them.
     When I was through I sat in on some more of the court marshal and because of its interesting matter I stayed on until the final verdict was given. Then I returned to my room finished my censoring, showered and read the Post until 5:30 when I dressed and went up for chow.
     After eating we stood up on deck and enjoyed the gentle ocean breeze and pretty sunset and here I am.
     The movie tonight is "Winged Victory" and is rated as very good, guess I'll go.
The mail brought two letters from you and a card from my mother. We haven't had much rain lately but I see you have. Enjoyed the publicity clipping you sent. I thought you said your picture was to be run with it or is that something else?
     I'm glad you are getting the suit you wanted. You sounded so disappointed in your last letter.
     In Pearl Harbor, I began "Earth and High Heaven" in the Collier's magazine. It was run serially and I never did get past the first installment although I did try to get the following issues. No luck! Maybe I'll get hold of the book because I did want to read it.
     You and Nina are carrying on a regular correspondence. Well she was nice to us and I think you enjoy writing to her so go to it.
     All the appendectomies have been successful though some of them weren't very simple. Outside of minor stuff that is all the surgery that is attempted. Other types are usually not emergent and are referred back to a base hospital or hospital ship.
     The heat rash is all gone so forget about it. I knew I shouldn't have mentioned it but I was just making conversation.
     Who am I to disagree with U.S. News? Yet I don't believe the Japs will fight to the bitter end like the Germans are. The Nazis have nothing to lose. The Japs, on the other hand, could give up all the conquered land and still have their home industries and cities intact. Surrendering their fleet would be giving up something they haven't much of anymore. Peace terms keeping them down to a fourth rate power wouldn't have to be so harsh as with the Germans. Anyway that's my opinion and I'm stuck with it until we see what really happens.
     I'm very happy to hear all is quiet and serene on the home front. Keep the home fires burning honey and don't let things get you down.

Loving you always,