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Sunday, July 23, 2017

$20 Watch

Saturday, 27 October 1945, Midnight
Dearest Eleanor,
     We got hold of a jeep this morning and made a run down to the ship. The ship store had just received some new wristwatches. I bought a 17 jewel watch for $20. It isn't the kind I wanted, but I lost both of mine in the storm and without a timepiece I've been lost ever since.
     This camp we are staying at is part of an Ammunition Depot. The officers here have just finished building their own club. Last night they had an open house and invited the officer survivors living here to attend. Did we have a time! Personally, I've learned my capacity and when I reached my limit I stopped. Some officers haven't learned yet. Now they are in various degrees of unconsciousness. A couple will have a mess to clean up in the morning. The party itself was very nice. They served the first decent food I've eaten since I've been ashore. There was roast turkey with dressing, cranberry sauce, fresh mashed potatoes, peas, coffee, and apple pie a la mode. It was all served buffet style and I had second helpings of turkey and all the trimmings. They brought down five Red Cross girls, three nurses and an Army band. The dancing music was excellent but with a ratio of fifteen to one, cutting in became a nuisance. So I quit dancing. Trying to dance was useless, no sooner than I started someone else would cut in on me. So I just sat back and enjoyed the rat race.
     They're all howling for me to turn off the light so I'd better sign off. Goodnight Sweetheart, I'll see you in my dreams.


USS Ocelot