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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Moved to a New Quonset Hut

Friday October 19, 1945
Dearest Eleanor,
     Just got back from the movies. We had "Docks of New York" with the Dead End Kids. Kind of corny but the way the kids "murdered" the King's English was a scream.
     This morning another officer and I took a jeep ride over to one of the hospitals to see three of our men. One of them returned with us and the other two will be ready to come back in a couple of days. This afternoon we moved to a new Quonset hut and are settled for another few days.
     They've begun stripping the ship. She should be out of commission in ten days to two weeks. Tomorrow I'm taking over my claim for lost gear. I'm asking for $495 but the amount will probably get pared down some. However I'll come out ahead of the deal because I won't need to replace very much lost gear.
     Outside of that there is no news. I'm waiting, not too patiently, for orders. Nothing will materialize until decommission is complete. In the meantime Darling be patient and don't worry.