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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Navy Way

Friday 18 February 1944
My Dearest,
     What a day! Saw three patients. One this morning and two this afternoon.  Wasn't able to chase down regarding an apartment this noon as I had planned.  My corpsman was sent to San Francisco for a week course in Gas School and with Captain's Inspection this afternoon I had to spend part of my noon hour seeing that everything was spic and span. The Captain didn't come through until 4:00 P.M. I had to stall with my last patient for more than an hour so that I would be busy when he came through. That is the "Navy way" of doing things.  I did attend to my life insurance today.
     I believe I forgot to mention it in my last letter, but the night that the fellows went downtown for a couple of drinks I ran into Harold Jiler and Maurry Green. They were not together but we all three ran into each other simultaneously. What a coincidence.
     Received three letters from you today, so I guess that your Tuesday letter was delayed somewhere along the line. It was postmarked 15th and the other two were the 17th and they all came together.
     I hope you are out of the "red" and feeling in the "pink" because we have an important date for Saturday night.  So until then my Sweet

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