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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Movie of December 7 Attack

Monday 21 February 1944
Dear Eleanor,
     Arrived safe and dry at 4:45 and hit the sack at 5:00.  The trip down was easy even though we did run into a lot of rain.
     Your chicken sandwiches went over with a bang.  Three of the doctors joined me for lunch.  This afternoon instead of the regular lecture at 4:00 we were shown official movies of the December 7 attack of Hawaii by the Japs. Will tell you more about it Thursday (I hope).
     I am a little sleepy now but a shave and a shower will wake me up enough for the meeting tonight.
     By this time you should be all over with your little trouble and by Thursday be raring to go.
     Kiss my girls for me and don't be too impatient.  As ever
Your lover,

This is a link to a Navy movie about  Pearl Harbor.  Was it the one Gil saw?

Part of Gil's Officer's Hat Insignia