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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Libby Writes

Letter to Eleanor from Gil's sister
Monday March 6,1944
Dear Eleanor,
     Received your card and hope you've been able to locate something in San Diego--I know being separated must be awful.
     Nat went to a meeting tonight and Mother F. went to a J.C.R.A. affair so I'm catching up on my correspondence.  Mother F. is going to L.A. in a week or two.  She just can't find a place here--not even a housekeeping room.  Besides it's time she settled down--at least for the duration.  She'll try to find an apartment at the beach.
     Anne will be home Wednesday--has been gone two weeks.  I had Edna and Ronnie and Jerry over for dinner Friday night.  Loretta just adores her little cousins, especially Ronnie.  Edna certainly gas taken wonderful care of those kids while Anne was away.
     Am reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and like it immensely.  Finally saw "For Whom the Bell Tolls" but was disappointed--found it too long. Otherwise haven't been doing an awful lot.  Had quite a bit of rain the past two weeks.  Every time I wanted to get out to do a little shopping it was raining.
     Mother writes your maid is going away for a short time.  I do hope she returns allright.
     How are the children?  I imagine Linda is thrilled with kindergarten.  Loretta just loves school.  She comes home alone now.  I was a little nervous for awhile but she is very careful crossing streets.  I even send her for bread and small things to the grocery store.  Loretta thinks she is so grown up when she shops for me. I do an awful lot of reading to her now.  We go to the public library and get books there. That way I don't have to re-read stories so many times.
     I'm getting sleepy. Do write soon.

photo of Loretta