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Friday, May 8, 2015

Placed Ads

Thursday 17 February 1944, 1615
     Hello my Sweet this is me again. Nothing new, nothing exciting.  Couldn't go to the movie last night; I had already seen it. Tonight they are showing "Jane Eyre" so again I won't go. Some fun!
    Went down and placed the ads at noon. Who knows?  Maybe by Monday I'll have some good news.
     We are still working pretty hard here. A new man is expected within a week.  He is a full Lieutenant, so he should be able to ease up the load considerably.  No letter from you today.  Guess I'll get one tomorrow.
     How are you feeling now, any better? I hope your Mother has completely recovered.
     It sure will be nice when we are down here all together.  With nicer weather coming on and longer days we'll have lots of fun together.
     'Til tomorrow night when I'll give you my love personally.
Your husband,