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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Need Dry Docking

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Friday 21 September 1945, 11:05 PM
Dearest Eleanor, 
     Hello Sweet, here I am and back to the old "grind" again. Had my usual working schedule this morning and the early part of the afternoon. Then I went to my room and tried to read but my eyes wouldn't stay open so I napped until after 5:00 PM. I should be just about caught up on the sleep I lost. I showered and dressed for dinner and right after that the mail came. Another jackpot for me--six letters from you, one from Libby and one from Ruth.
     First about the Buick. No dice, it'll cost five to six hundred dollars, at least, to trade and that is too much to spend now. Besides the first cars off the line may repeat our experience with our '41 Buick. After you get more definite information about the actual cost, let me know. But at the moment I'm cold on the whole idea.
     Your second idea, the trip to Mexico sounds ideal. Find out and let me know what the plane fare is and expected expenses. We'll both rate a vacation together and a second honeymoon suits me to a "t." Maybe the fur coat will work out anyway. Who can tell?
     At present we are anchored in Buckner Bay. If Leon does ship out to Okinawa, he'll probably get duty here. I don't think we'll remain here long however. We need dry docking and there isn't one large enough here. The closest one is in Tokyo Bay and that is where we'll probably go. That is if they fix the Ocelot up. That's the way it looks now.
     The pink slip should be in the vault. I'm sure that by now you've located it. I don't think Dave will get out any sooner than I. He has a few more months of duty but my sea duty points will make up the difference. I forgot that he is an enlisted man and that means only 44 instead of 49 points. Guess I'm wrong and he will be out soon.
     I'll write and tell Ruth off. With all her "thoughtfulness and consideration" of you and Deb, she has no business to criticize. To hell with her.
     I don't believe I know Lt. Harris. But in Dago, I met several dentists who I can't remember. So maybe I did. Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed the meeting of the Officers' Wives Club and are meeting more interesting people.
     After dinner tonight we sat around and read mail until movie time. The picture, "Her Highness and the Bellboy" with Hedy Lamarr, was excellent. After that I played a little poker. I didn't mention it before but this is the third time I've played recently. I lost $4.00 the first time, won $5.50 last night and $3.00 tonight. We play a 25 cent limit game but there aren't any real card sharps aboard and I can more than hold my own.
     No more for now Sweet, so goodnight and pleasant dreams.