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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Please Be Brave

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Sunday 23 September 1945, 10 PM
Dearest Sweet,
     Sunday, the day of rest. I didn't have any appointments scheduled so I had the whole day to do as I pleased. What did I do? Nothing. I'm getting to be a first class hand at piddling time away. I read "House and Gardens" and "American Home" magazines. Also I read a few items from the July "Readers' Digest." After lunch I made up next week's menu, played checkers, sat around talking and killing time in general. Then back to more reading until 5:00 when I showered and changed for dinner. After dinner I played poker for an hour, lost $5.00. Then I went to the movies. We had "Having Wonderful Crime" with Pat O'Brien, George Murphy and Carol Landis. Pretty good even though it was raining right through the whole show.
     I hit the jackpot in the mail again. There were six letters from you and one each from both mothers. I didn't realize that so many letters were delayed. Today I got two postmarked the 9th and four the 17th.
     Although I've often wished I'd taken a still camera along, don't buy any. We'll get one as soon as we can. It could be long before Xmas.
     How is Dave getting his discharge? Has he 44 points? If he hasn't I doubt that he'll get out. Anyway Deb and Dave will be together and I'm sure that they'll be satisfied even he does have to hang on for a few months more.
     I still don't know if we'll go to Japan, but the nearest dry-dock large enough for the Ocelot is at Sasebo. If we go there I'll surely look Sid up.
     The snaps taken of you and the kids taken at Arrowhead are excellent. You really look good to me. All I can do at this time is look and dream.
     I know the next few weeks will be hard dear but there is nothing we can do but wait. Getting yourself all upset isn't going to do either you or the kids or me a bit of good. Please be patient. This can't last much longer. Now that school has started, I hope you'll be kept busy and won't have so much time to think and worry about your trouble. Really, soon I'll be home and all your problems will fade. All will seem like a bad dream.
     Our skipper, Lt. Cmdr. Warwick, is not regular Navy. As a matter of fact he has almost 60 points and is awaiting relief so he can be discharged. Because he is the commanding officer, I'll bet he has to wait the full 120 days before he is relieved.
Sevron 10 is an abbreviation for Service Squadron 10. Sevron 10 has been part of the third and fifth fleets alternating when either fleet was in action. The commander of the Service Division is Commodore Du Val.
Well darling, I'm getting sleepy and I'm all writ out. Wish I had something definite to tell you but I haven't. Maybe something will break this coming week.
     Please be brave. Your unhappiness has an effect on me and though I, too, feel low at times I don't tell anyone about it because it never does me any good to do so.
     Goodnight Sweet and I'll see you in my dreams.

Snaps from Lake Arrowhead