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Friday, August 4, 2017


Monday, 5 November 1945, 9:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     A new week just beginning. This business of waiting is beginning to tell on most of us. We sit around all day with nothing to do but get on each other's nerves. Nothing really serious has happened. But from time to time, there is bickering. Personally, if I've got to be out here, I'd just as soon do some dentistry, but no one has asked me what I'd like to do.
     This morning I read the Omnibook condensation of "Black Boy" by Richard Wright. It is well written and interesting, but the autobiography ends so abruptly that one feels that the book is incomplete. Now I'm half through "Dan Sickles" by Elgcumbe Pichon, another interesting book condensation. I believe you'd enjoy reading it in its original form.
     I've gotten hold of some more snaps. Some are dups of those I've already sent on and some are other scenes shot here and also at Leyte. I'll send them along with some more "gook" money. I don't know the derivation of the word "gook" but that's what the natives and anything pertaining to them are called.
     Tonight's movie was "Thrill of a Romance" with Esther Williams and Van Johnson." There was so much music and also so much of the Williams gal that it was worth seeing again.
     I got two more letters from you and one from your mother. As you can see I'm not on my way home yet and don't know when that happy day that I embark for home will be.
     About dental equipment. Don't worry. I'll probably get into something temporary at first and take my time getting properly set up.
     That is about all for now. Goodnight my darling. I hope you can hold out as long as I can. This can't continue much longer.

P.S. Here are a couple of one peso Philippine notes too. They are worth 50 cents each.

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