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Friday, August 11, 2017

Naval Efficiency

Correct date--Sunday 11 November 1945
Sunday, 12 November 1945, 8:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Well here I am again or should I say still. The same exciting routine prevails. Eat, sleep, read, and kill time.
     Two things happened today to break up the usual routine. First I got a New Year's greeting from my cousin Nat in Brooklyn. Remember him? He is the cousin with the bum arm. I wonder whether or not it is all right now. The second event just illustrates naval efficiency. Today three young ensigns reported for duty aboard the Ocelot. When they left the United States, the news about the storm and the fate of the "Mighty O" had already broken. Though they brought the facts to the attention of the authorities in Frisco, they were sent on anyway. Don't say it. I already have.
     That is all the dope for today. Nothing new, good or bad. In fact--nothing.
     Goodnight Sweet I hope your patience hasn't entirely run out.
P.S. Hope you've received my claim check. Just mentioning it so you'll know I sent it.
Tonight's movie was another repeat performance for us "Blonde from Brooklyn."

Fate of the "Mighty O"