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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

OD Today

Saturday, 3 November 1945, 8:45 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Another day of waiting gone to hell. I was OD today so I did have a few minor details to care for. After lunch I took one of the boys, who had a bad tooth, over to the CBs and fixed him up.
     These days are so much alike that there isn't a darn thing to write about. I'm still expecting something to break in a day or so, but all we can do is wait.
     Tonight's movie "A Bell for Adano" was very good. We had it aboard ship but somehow I missed it. I was ashore that night or something.
     There was no mail today so that is about all I've got to write about.
     Goodnight Darling I know how impatient you must be getting. There isn't very much either you or I can do about it. I'm impatient too and keep day dreaming about "us."