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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sailing to Okinawa Postponed

U.S.S. OCELOT (IX-110)
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California
Thursday 6 September 1945, 7:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
     Another busy day for me and again no dentistry. The mess caterer's job is quite involved so I've taken the last day or so to get it squared away. Now everything is shipshape and I can resume being the dentist once more.
     All morning was taken up with planning the seating in the wardroom and assigning various duties to the individual stewards. In the afternoon I haggled with the flag personnel officer and got a Filipino steward to run the wardroom for me. Then I ordered three hundred cases of beer to take to Okinawa with us. Liberty is very poor for enlisted men there and the beer supply is limited. We'll buy what we can up there and supplement it with the stuff we have aboard. So the day went.
     It has been raining steadily all day and the ship has cooled off considerably. At five I took my regular shower and changed into fresh clothes and then to dinner. Now here I am.
     Our sailing date has been postponed till the 9th. Because we were supposed to be sailing soon all our mail is already going to Okinawa. So it'll be a week before I get any more mail.
     By the way when I was over at Tolosa last night I saw an Army captain dental officer who looked familiar. He turned out to be a Captain Crump who graduated from USC in '31. This is a small world isn't it?
     I still haven't answered any mail. Maybe when we get underway I'll be in the mood to do some writing.
     Tonight's movie is "The House of Fear" with Basil Rathbone. Hope I like it and that it's worth sitting in the rain for.
     What do you want to know? I'd like to write more but don't know what about so--.   Goodnight Sweet. I'll see you in my dreams.